March 26, 2019

Omar and Nazima Networking Event


On March 29, 2015, an inspiring networking meeting was organized under the auspices of Omar Munie and Nazima Ramdin, in the Flagship Store of the renowned bag designer Omar Munie. Noordeinde The Hague.

Top speakers, included; Stedman Graham (spouse of  Oprah Winfrey), Joseph and Charles Ruffolo Oubelkas, facinated the audience with their delivery on how to become successful. Participants were provided valuable tips and tricks, which could be implemented immediately. Furthermore, quotes such as:

“You get every day, 24 hours, this wise spending to reach your goals!”

“Find out where you are good at and what gives you passion. Apply yourself to it.

“L.O.V.E. Do everything based on love!”

“Think of co-creation, seeking cooperation with others.”

“Try to see opportunities and possibilities, even though these seem impossible”


For photo-album on this event, please click here:


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Nazima Ramdin, proprietor of NR Communications & Events had taken the initiative to organize this network in The Hague. She approached Omar Munie. Omar is known as someone who has realized his dream. The splendid location and Omar’s success story made the setting complete.

But who is Nazima, the lady of NR Communications & Events? Networker Nazima Ramdin calls himself Connector. She features at the 17th place on the Top 100 of the chart of a Color magazine. Nazima has been organizing networking event for the past 4 years.

The NR New Year’s Party, this stylish Gala is the perfect place for to network. The next NR New Years Gala Party is scheduled on 16 January 2016. More information is available on the website:

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