June 26, 2019

Malbec World Day 2016 – Celebrating a classic!

Argentina, Salud!

On the occasion of the Malbec World Day 2016 H. E. Horacio Salvador Ambassador of the Argentine Republic in the Netherlands is organising its 6th edition of Malbec World Day in the Netherlands, focused on high quality wines from Argentina epitomized by the Malbec grape, Argentina’s flagship variety.

In the year of the Bicentennial of Argentina’s Independence, the Embassy of the Argentine Republic expects to bring more than 100 different types of high quality Malbec labels made available by over 15 Dutch and Argentinean importers.

‘’For this year’s celebration, we would like to emphasize how Malbec has become a classic, the paradigm of Argentine wine, our flagship variety’’, said H.E. Horacio Salvador.

‘’A classic varietal is one that is enjoyed again and again, through which new expressions of terroir and new layers of aromas and flavours are discovered. A classic wine is one that is appreciated by those who try it for the first time and those who drink it regularly. A classic gives so much pleasure that it invites us to explore deeper. A classic becomes a model and an influence’’.

The adventure begins on April 17th, 1853, the famous statesman and writer, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento officially accomplished his mission of transforming Argentina’s wine industry. He gave Michel Aimé Pouget, a French soil expert, the task of bringing over new vines and creating the first Quinta Agronómica (School of Agronomy), a space for education and research. Amongst his selection was Malbec, a grape of untold promise.

Sarmiento eventually became President of the Argentine Republic. In the late XIXth century with the help of Italian and French immigrants, the wine industry grew exponentially and with it, Malbec, which quickly adapted to the various different terroirs, and developed with far better results than in its region of origin. Thus, over time and with a lot of hard work, it emerged as the flagship grape of Argentina.

Uvas Argentina

The pioneering work of Pouget and Sarmiento at the “Quinta Normal de Mendoza” was a crucial part of this process. The date of 17th of April represents not only a symbol of the transformation of Argentina’s wine industry, but also the starting point for the development of this strain, an emblem of Argentina worldwide.

Malbec has since become Argentina´s undefeated champion, climbing the rankings and winning the hearts and minds of wine connoisseurs everywhere.

The rise to the top the Malbec grape was uprooted from its native French soil, mainly from the south of France, and transplanted to the very different dry and mountainous landscape of western Argentina nearly 160 years ago. Since then, it has come of age. After decades of hard work, determination and agricultural and viticultural know-how, Malbec has achieved worldwide recognition.

Grapes are being grown in the country, regularly experimenting with new techniques and a variety of different climates. Today you can find thriving, hardy Malbecs all over Argentina, each with its own distinct personality and charm.

A great glass of Malbec

The wine’s core traits are unmistakable. It is juicy and fruity, with a medium to full body. Sweet tannins tone down its power and the velvety texture makes for a smooth, satisfying finish. Although Malbecs are characterized by a well rounded body, Argentina’s varied climatic conditions allow for subtle but marked variations.Vignes Argen tina

In the North of Argentina, you’ll find grapes with a balanced structure and good aging potential, creating well-expressed, full bodied wines that emanate spices and dark berries.

In the central region of Mendoza, Argentina’s wine powerhouse, Malbecs are more spirited; they are energized by lighter tannins and strawberry and yoghurt notes.

Finally, in the South, where the 40 degree centigrade daytime temperature can plunge to a chilly 8 degrees at night, the grapes develop differently, typically featuring strong structures, thanks in part to greater rainfall and water soils. This creates complex, fruity Malbecs with mineral textures that complement with delicate floral notes.

The event will take place on Thursday April 14th 2016, at the Gauchos Grill Restaurant at Weissenbruchlaan 149, 3054 LM in Rotterdam, a traditional restaurant and bar located in a wonderful setting.

The Malbec World Day 2016 will be celebrated in more than 70 cities across 54 countries Please confirm your attendance at : rsvp_epbaj@mrecic.gov.ar


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