June 20, 2019

Cycling the Refugee Road

On the picture Florian VolzĀ and Timo Schmidt.

By Florian Volz.

In the presence of the refugee crises in Europe and the issues, which arose from this crises two students on two bikes with two cameras will set out in June to capture 3000 km of stories along the Balkan migration route. The idea and initiative developed to show another side of the refugee crises, namely the side of the refugees.

Refugee Roads is a two-months bicycle tour across Europe to gain insight into the experiences of those who undertake the journey along the Balkan Route. Florian Volz and Timo Schmidt, who both study BA International Studies at Leiden University, developed this project over the past year. They aim to play their part in the discussion around the European migration crisis. Shortly after their final exams later this month, the two international students will start the journey from the Peace Palace and finish two months later at Lesvos, Greece.

After the first visit to Brussels they will cross national borders including those of France, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia (FYROM), and Greece. Their bicycle trip across Europe will result in the production of a documentary, which aims to tell the daily stories of refugees fleeing their homes. Thus, it combines the genre of a road movie with a documentary about a pressing societal issue, which increasingly influences the agenda of European policymakers and diplomats. Through this initiative, the two students hope to capture stories of refugees, which will visualize the long journey and the connected hardship and history of the refugees.

More information about Refugee Roads, including a blog and an interactive map, can be found at www.refugeeroads.com Questions and feedback as well as much appreciated donations can also be made via the website.


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