June 18, 2018

Dubrovnik, Croatia becomes a Centre of the Automotive Industry Events

Dubrovnik and, more precisely, luxury resort Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, have recently been recognised at the SEEbtm Awards, where they won the Best Venue for Car Launch category for SEE Europe. This is thanks to several successful events of the automotive industry held in this resort during previous years and the announced new global automotive launches, contributing to a stronger tourist turnover in Dubrovnik during off season. This also confirms the quality of Dubrovnik as an automotive destination which is rapidly growing in popularity for this type of events.

Already renowned as the location for shooting global productions such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, the Bollywood action extravaganza Fan, the announced Robin Hood movie and many other productions, Dubrovnik is now sought after as the location for big events in the automotive industry.

radisson_hyu-18In 2016 Dubrovnik hosted the global Mercedes Benz training with over 10,000 participants, the international Hyundai Eastern Europe and CIS Distributors Convention, the Bentley Distributors Convention and the Porsche event Tour of Croatia. These prestigious events contribute to better tourist turnover for Dubrovnik during the pre- and post-season, when they are generally held.

In 2017, Dubrovnik has also been chosen by Nissan for the Global presentation of new Nissan Micra that will be held at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik. According to the announcement, in addition to internal training and presentations for seven thousand delegates, the Nissan event, which will be held from early January to mid-March 2017, will bring more than 500 members of the global press to Dubrovnik.

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