June 18, 2018

US American consultate on Dutch television

US  American Consulate General Amsterdam Museumplein – Picture by Persian Dutch Network.

8 November 2016, Amsterdam: US American Consul General David McCawley appeared on At5 Amsterdam, namely on a special series documenting Amsterdam’s famous streets and landmarks. 

On the run-up to the US presidential election, Consul General McCawley was interviewed on the history of the edifice, his work as general consul as well as the preparations that the general consulate undertakes in order to insure that US citizens can vote from Amsterdam for the election. 

The US Consulate General in Amsterdam is located on the city’s Museumplein no. 19. It supports the US American Embassy headquartered in The Hague in heeding for the needs of US citizens in Amsterdam, and its vicinities. Likewise it provides visa for tourists intending to visit the USA. 

The edifice on Museumplein 19 is US American property since 19 March 1948, albeit the US government had taken over the usage of the building since 1945 after the German Consulate General had been vacated.

For more information:

 At5, streets of Amsterdam: https://www.at5.nl/gemist/tv/272/24993/-/4

 USA Consulate General in Amsterdam (Consul General David McCawley): http://amsterdam.usconsulate.gov



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