March 26, 2019

Diplomat Magazine is now going global

The President of Greece, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos. Photo cover page by Henry Arvidsson.


By Dr Mayelinne De Lara.

With every step, and in each new edition, Diplomat Magazine continues to grow in strength and popularity. We are delighted to have nurtured its development into an important media platform for the diplomatic community in the Netherlands and beyond.

Not only is Diplomat Magazine the very first publication for diplomats in the Netherlands, but it has grown in recent months to cover the entire Benelux region, and is now going global following an agreement with Dow Jones that will see more than one and a half million people have direct access to its content and archives.

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We consistently receive articles from Dutch government ministers, along with diplomats, heads of international organisations and academics based in the Netherlands.

But increasingly, we also play host to diplomatic discussion from around the world, recently featuring articles from high profile figures in Austria, India, Costa Rica, Brazil and elsewhere.

In this issue marking the globalization of Diplomat Magazine, we report on one of the most emblematic visits to The Hague during 2016: that of Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, President of Greece, who talked to us about friendship with the Netherlands and the importance of European unity.

Meanwhile, Mr. William L. Swing, Director General of the International Organization for Migration, talks about the lives and prospects of refugees, and Ms. Khadija Arib, President of the Dutch House of Representatives of the States General, talks about parliamentary diplomacy.

Also in this issue, ASEAN is analysed by the Ambassador of Malaysia to the Netherlands, and the Secretary-General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group reviews the first 20 years of the organisation.

Mr. Nicolas Boeglin addresses the invocation of self-defence against terrorism, and the General Director of Diplomatic Card explains the exclusive services available to diplomats.

Dr. Mayelinne De Lara, Publisher Diplomat Magazine. Photography by Kim Vermaat.

Enjoy reading about the EU representation to the OPCW; human development and global water issues by the Rector of UNESCO Institute for Water Education; and the astonishing work undertaken by the spouse of the Ambassador of Bangladesh.

As ever, I extend my thanks to our committed junior team – students of international relations, law, economics or diplomacy, some of whom have this year become cum laude graduates from leading universities in the Netherlands.

Thanks also to our editors, photographers and the wider diplomatic corps for their unfailing support.


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