April 22, 2018

Unique K. from ‘K und K’

Schmelztiegel Wien” – this is a term usually used in the socio-cultural studies to describe the capital of a vast Habsbourg empire, today’s seat of the Republic of Austria, Vienna.

Inspired by the past and present meanings of its colours shapes rhythms and ambient, trying to capture a glimpse of everlasting cultural fusions, walking a grace of tradition and charm of modernity in one leap, ethnomusicologist and designer Sofi B., with her collection‚ Unique K by Sofi B.‘ for the Vienna Fabric & Design, is illustrating this jewel of central Europe – historical city of Vienna.

Each and every item in this collection is exclusively designed, handmade tailered and unique. Many pieces are of the fabrics which are not produced anymore.

The Unique K. items are purchasable exclusively and only in the Vienna Fabrics and Design premises (Schwarzenbergplatz 10, A-1010 Wien) or at the sporadic fashion show reviews.

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Photography by Anna Lechner.

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