June 21, 2018

I Polyphonic day of International Justice

The I Polyphonic Day of International Justice will take place on 7 June 2017 (starting at 11h00) at the Auditorium of the Hague University for Applied Sciences (Johanna Westerdijkplein 75.

Speakers coming from Africa, Arab countries, China, Iran, Ibero-America and Russia will address the following isuses: (i) Pros and Cons of Resorting to the Permanent Court of Arbitration to Settle Investor-State Disputes; (ii) The Relationship between the Notions of Sovereignty and Responsibility to Protect; and (iii) The Relationship between National and International Criminal Jurisdictions in light of the Notions of Sovereignty and Responsibility to Protect.

The event is part of the VII Ibero-American Week of International Justice (The Hague, 29 May- 9 June 2017).

Research team.

It is organized by the Ibero-American Institute of The Hague for Peace, Human Right and International Justice (IIH), in cooperation with Hague University for Applied Sciences, the Hague Peace and Justice Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands, the United Nations Peace, University, the Chinese Initiative for International Law, the African Foundation for International Law, the Center for International and Comparative Law of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Iranian Center for International Criminal Law, the ICC Coalition, the Hague Academic Coalition, Martinus Nijhoff and Tirant lo Blanch Publishers. Participation in the I Polyphonic Day of International Justice is for free.

You only need to register by writing to the following email address:  inscripcionesiih@gmail.com. For further information, you can also write to this email address.


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