April 26, 2018

Getting to know the Dutch perspective on international relations

Getting to know the Dutch perspective on international relations in an exciting environment

A lot is happening in our globalising world: Trump has been elected, as we speak Brexit is being negotiated, refugees are fleeing towards Europe and the climate is changing. The Clingendael Institute researches these current events, analyses trends and trains international professionals. Clingendael Academy, the training facility of the institute, empowers professionals from all over the world with skills and knowledge on current international affairs.

Currently the Academy is preparing a course on international politics enabling participants to better understand current international events. This course offers a wonderful opportunity to become acquainted with the background and causes of our daily news in a brief time frame.

It will take place on Monday afternoons (and one Tuesday because of Pentecost) between 24 April and 12 June. The course coordinators are taking into account the preferences of the group: they aim to tailor the courses to the needs of the participants in order for them to grasp current developments. The courses, open for registration, are focussed on obtaining skills such as effective influencing and lobbying, negotiation and intercultural communication.

Mr. Willem Post. Photography by Frank Jansen

The course international politics will cater skills in combination with knowledge such as discussions on Trump’s foreign policy with Willem Post (Clingendael Senior Visiting Fellow and US expert) and other experts on international security, the EU and energy issues. The mixed group of participants consists of Dutch and international professionals who range from recent graduates to retirees, coming from both public and private sector.

Moreover, the Clingendael Institute is located in the beautiful Clingendael park, in a historical building. This unique combination leads to an exciting learning environment for understanding the Dutch view on international relations. This makes the courses popular among expats in The Hague. Responsible for training approximately 650 diplomats and an additional 2,500 professionals every year, the Clingendael Institute is a world-renowned independent think tank and diplomatic academy.

Clingendael empowers professionals to take effective action in international and politically sensitive environments. Participants develop the professional skills they need to grow and thrive – both now and in the future. The team is enthusiastic to share its knowledge and insights in current developments in international relations. Clingendael Academy offers open registration courses, varying from generic introductory courses to more specialised seminars or master classes, and a wide spectrum of international skills training. Clingendael Academy also offers tailor-made courses.

For more information and registration look at the website: www.clingendael.nl/academy, send an e-mail to academy@clingendael.nl or call 070-324 53 84.


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