April 22, 2018

ALKA Power Holding Signing ceremony

On the picture H.E. Ms. Iffat Imran Gardezi, Ambassador of Pakistan.

By Roy Lie A Tjam.

ALKA Power Holding hosted a signing ceremony for an agreement between Gale Force (Germany) and Hamilton Tools (UK) on a project for the production of joint venture vertical axis wind craft turbine in Pakistan.

The ceremony took place at the Hilton Hotel The Hague on Thursday 30 March 2017 with H.E. Ms. Iffat Imran Gardezi, Ambassador of Pakistan, attending as guest of honour. Another dignitary witnessing the signing ceremony was The Hon. Mr. Buddenbaum, State Secretary of Top Sector Energy, of Pakistan.

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Mr. Claus Colling, Ms. Raana Syed, H.E. Iffat Imran Gardezi and Mr Malik Azhar Elahi.

The story of ALKA Power began in Pakistan in 2008. It has been a long road for a start-up with big dreams but few resources. Many steps had to be taken to finally become an independent power producer.

There have been times of disappointment but also moments of encouragement as the journey proceeded.

ALKA Power has moved to the Netherlands to start ALKA Power Holding. In April 2016, ALKA Power signed an agreement in Munich, Germany, on a renewable energy project for the production of 1,000 megawatts with the Sind Board of Investment (Pakistan).

This project will now take on a concrete shape, and a production facility for Gale Force Wind Turbines is being set up.

Ms. Raana Syed, CEO of ALKA Power Holding.

By signing the agreement, the parties will commit themselves to working together towards the common goal of replacing the use of fossil fuels with clean alternative power sources.

ALKA Power ’s partnership in promoting the production and de-simulation of Vertical Axis wind turbines is driven by their commitment to affordable and clean energy for people, especially in developing economies.

The signing ceremony started with Ms. Raana Syed, CEO of ALKA Power Holding, welcoming the guest and subsequently delivering her remarks. Ms. Syed was followed by Mr. Claus Colling, CEO of Gale Force. His company has developed state-of-the-art Vertical Wind Turbines that have the potential to revolutionize the harnessing of wind energy. In his presentation, Mr. Colling described the key features, advantages and economic feasibility of this technology.

Mr Malik Azhar Elahi, a former -Charge d’Affairs of Pakistan, who delivered a encouraging speech.

The management of the technical set-up of this venture has been undertaken by the third joint Venture partner, Hamilton Machine Tools, a market leader with global recognition. address praising all parties that have contributed towards making the deal a resounding success.

In conclusion H.E. Ms. Iffat Imran Gardezi, Ambassador of Pakistan delivered a powerful address praising all parties that have contributed towards making this deal a resounding success. A solemn signing ceremony followed, subsequently, the evening concluded with a impressive and lavish dinner.

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