April 22, 2018

Argentina’s World Malbec Day celebrations in Netherlands

Dutch Argentinian wines importers during the Malbec International Day 2017.

By A. Rangarajan.

Nearly 160 years ago Argentineans embraced a French grape variety and made it their own. Today the Malbec is an inseparable part of the Argentinean heritage. Malbec adapted well to the climate and soil of Argentina.

Today one can find thriving, hardy Malbecs all over Argentina, each with its own distinct personality and charm. The grape and the wine bearing this name has now come of age, as part of Argentina’s food landscape.

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Since 2011, in the month of April, Argentina celebrates World Malbec Day with much gaiety. It is also the moment when trade missions of Argentina’s embassies worldwide get busy trying to support its wine industry and help enlarge their commercial profile across the globe.

In keeping with that endeavour, this year on the 10th of April Argentina’s embassy to the Netherlands organised the Malbec Day celebrations in Rotterdam in the Gauchos restaurant. The theme was, ‘Malbec, the Heart of Argentina’.

H.E. Horacio Salvador, Ambassador of Argentina addressed the public during Malbec International Day 2017. Also in the picture his spouse Jane Berger de Salvador.

It brought together a wide variety of people involved in the Wine trade together and it all started with a wine tasting session. Martin Rijxman of the Dutch wine enthusiasts group Wijngilde Midden Holland had many positive things to say about the Malbec. He called it a very structured wine and a great food companion, depending on the course one was having.

Ernst Bik, the wines departmental manager of the large Dutch food stores chain, Sligro too felt that there is great potential for Malbec in the Dutch market. Though European wines still dominate the market, the Malbec slice could grow, he pointed out. Jose Belgerette, wine grower, whose wineyards in Argentina produced Organic wines- Solandes, was cautious and confident as he was pleasing, on the mark Argentinean organic wines could make in the Dutch market. He was producing some distinct tasting wine.

Malbec’s master class.

Martin Cabado a match maker between European wine traders and Argentinean wine producers pointed to the price factors that are still coming in the way of a greater share for Malbec in Europe. Inflation locally and currency instabilities do play a role, he pointed out. Fransbert Schermer who conducted the master class pointed to the innovations like concrete eggs that are increasingly being adopted by Argentinean wine makers as part of a new commitment to professionalism in Argentina’s wine industry.

There was a mini barbeque session in the lawns of Gauchos lake side where guests could taste the food accompaniment of various Malbec wines and the day ended with a Tango dance performance which the guests enjoyed.

H.E. Hector Horacio Salvador, Ambassador of Argentina hosted the Malbec World Day in the Netherlands.


Photography courtesy of the Embassy of Argentina in The Hague.



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