April 23, 2019

Culture for Peace

 H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Belal, Ambassador of Bangaldesh to the Netherlands.

On 15 April 2017, a diverse group of approximately five-hundred persons responded favorably to a call of the Embassy of the Republic of Bangladesh to come and celebrate this year’s feast of lent, the UNESCO recognized Mangal Shovajatra (new year) at Bangladesh House.

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Ambassador Belal and spouse Dr Dilruba Nasrin standing up for peace with ladies from Bangladesh.

Locals and expatriate Bangladeshis have highlighted the theme of the celebration i.e. Culture for Peace through the Peace Rally. The performance of local and guest artists enthralled the audience where Deputy Mayor of the Hague Mr. Rabin Baldewsing, Foreign Ministry officials, Ambassadors of India, Sri-lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Yemen were in the audience.

In addition to local NRBs in the Netherlands, Bangladeshis from Belgium, Sweden, Germany, UK among others, also participated in this mega celebration.

The residence of Bangladesh Ambassador known as Bangladesh House in Wassenaar was beautifully decorated with motifs, balloons, festoons, posters, banners to beam an aura of Bengali culture befitting the day.

Dr. Dilrua Nasrin, spouse of the Ambassador of Bangladesh.

All Bangladeshis on this spring morning adorned themselves indistinct colorful Bengali dress while ladies drew mehendi tattoos and children roamed with paints in their faces.

Mr. Rabin Baldewsing, Deputy Mayor of The Hague highly appreciated the initiatives of the Embassy of Bangladesh. In his speech Deputy Mayor stressed on the necessity of diversity and inclusion.

The spouse of Deputy Mayor Baldewsing, H.E. Mr. Ahmad Nazri Yusof, Ambassador of Malaysia and spouse Linda Zin, H.E. Ngo Thi Hoa, Ambassador of Viet Nam, H.E. Ambassador of Sri-Lanka, H.E. Adam M.J. Sadiq, Ambassador Sheikh Mohammed Belal and spouse Dr Dilruba Nasrin, Mr. Rabin Baldewsing, Deputy Mayor of the Hague, Ambassador of India, H.E. J.S. Mukul and spouse Mita Mukul, Ms. Mira Woldberg, Head, South Asia Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Louise A.E. Huijbens, Senior Policy Officer, South Asia Division, H.E. Mrs. Sahar Mohammed Abduljabbar Ghanem, Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen.

Ambassador of Bangladesh in the Netherlands Sheikh Mohammed Belal introduced the celebration as the most universal and secular festivals of Bangladesh. He referred to the recognition of Mangal Shovajatra by UNESCO and termed it as a big achievement. Ambassador Belal urged the non-resident Bangladeshis to follow the best practices of the developed world and introduce in Bangladesh for making a prosperous Bangladesh.

In the cultural programme, performance of the children was appreciated by all. Performance of the expatriate Bangladeshi artists has made the audience spell-bound. Performance of the local band Trimatrik drew lot of appreciation from the audience. As usual the crowd especially children with colorful dress and painted faces did not miss the opportunity to dance with the music.

Mr. Rabin Baldewsing, Deputy Mayor of the Hague and Ambassador Belal.

Local vendors put up stalls to serve Bangladeshi cakes and other cuisine to the visiting participants. Lunch, stuffed with Baishaki menu, was served to all the audience. Sweets of different kinds, cakes, pithas etc. were also served to the guests.

Bangladesh House.

As the significant presence of the Dutch society in traditional Bangla dress was an attraction, everybody chanted the slogan of solidarity and peace throughout the day.



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