June 21, 2018

Philharmonic ochestra – Business Circle


The Business Circle of the Philharmonic orchestra or Residentie Orkest hosted an event on April 20th, 2017.

This time around ABN AMRO Bank welcomed the Business Circle members to her new premises, Koningskade 30 The Hague. Koningskade 30 previously housed the (regional) Chamber of Commerce and has since thoroughly been renovated.

Violists Timur Yakubov and Iteke Wijbenga.

After a warm welcome, a program overflowing with interesting information on the renovation of the building and a musical interlude followed by Alt- violists Timur Yakubov and Iteke Wijbenga.

Mr. Rob Vermeij, ABNA AMRO.

Mr. Rob Vermeij, ABNA AMRO ‘s specialist in sustainable transformation gave an expose on the sustainable transformation applied in the renovation process of the building. Vermij hinted sustainability will be taken a step further.

Staff members are being encouraged to apply sustainability in the way they commute to work.

Mr. Bart Hoevenaars, a project manager at ABN AMRO.

In time, the number of parking lots will be reduced. A next presentation was by Mr. Bart Hoevenaars, a project manager at ABN AMRO. The Business circle members were offered a tour (Green tour) of the building.

In conclusion, there was a special performance by the Philharmonic orchestra; the next Business Circle meeting is scheduled to take place on May 11th 2017

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