April 22, 2018

Kazakhstan Diplomats Meet & Greet

On the picture Ambassador of Kazakhstan, H.E. Magzhan Ilyassov and spouse Mrs. Akmaral Aydarbekova.


By Roy Lie A Tjam.

The Russian Ambassador H.E. Alexander Shulgin, spouse Natalia Shulgina, Mrs. Akmaral Aydarbekova and her husband the Ambassador of Kazakhstan H.E. Magzhan Ilyassov.

An extraordinary Diplomat Meet and Greet.

Ambassador Magzhan Ilyassov Joyously welcomed his guests to the Ambassadors Room of the Carlton Ambassador Hotel The Hague. Attendees came from a broad diplomatic spectrum, among them Ambassadors and Embassy representatives of Russia, Belarus, USA, Cuba, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Iraq, Georgia, Kosovo, Austria, Bangladesh, Armenia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, European Union, European Parliament, OPCW, International Courts.

For additional Kim Vermaat’ pictures, please open the following link:https://www.flickr.com/photos/121611753@N07/albums/72157682635718110

H.E. Mr Mikalai Barysevich, Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus and Ambassador Ilyassov coming behind, Mrs Tatsiana Barysevich spouse of the Ambassador of Belarus.

 Magzhan Ilyassov subsequently expressed thanks to those who made it all happen, Diplomatic Card, Hotel Carlton Ambassador and Diplomat magazine.

Ms Camelia Chirascu, Head of Political Section and Mr Gabriel Mares, Deputy Head of Mission from the Embassy of Romania and Richard Gopaul, from USA Embassy in The Hague.

Ambassador Magzhan Ilyassov continued his welcome remarks reminiscent of the fact that June 2, 2016, was the day he landed on Dutch soil in order to take up the position of Kazakhstan ‘s(new) Ambassador to the Netherlands.

Magzhan Ilyassov went on, mentioning 2017 to be the year of celebrating 25 years of diplomatic relationship between his country and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Netherlands is Kazakhstan’s second most important EU. business partner.

Mr. Eduard Slootweg, Head of  the European Parliament Information Bureau and spouse Ms Kleice Gonzaga Carneiro are welcomed by H.E. Ambassador Magzhan Ilyassov.

The Ambassador introduced a brief video presentation of his country. By all means, the video has proven to be a very revealing one.

Apparently, 2017 will be an eventful year for the Kazakhstan mission under the valiant direction of Ambassador Magzhan Ilyassov. Some of the activities to date lectures at De witte Society, a business investment seminar, and a Diplomat Meet & Greet.

The spouses of the ambassadors of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, Mrs Tatsiana Barysevich, Mrs. Natalia Shulgina and Mrs. Akmaral Aydarbekova during the event at Carlton Ambassador.

Furthermore, there has been ample opportunity to get acquainted with brandy and chocolate labeled “Made in Kazakhstan” it is said, Kazakhstan chocolate and brandy are secret weapons that can conquer.

Ilyassov endeavored to have a friendly chat with his guests. He’s a fabulous host. Le soleil était au rendez-vous on the afternoon of Friday 2 June 2017, therefore the availability of the terras adjacent to the Ambassadors Room came in really handy.

The Ambassador of Georgia, H.E. Constantine Surguladze and Mr. Hugo Iserief, from Diplomatic Card.


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