June 18, 2018

President Emannuel Macron’s equality cabinet

President Emannuel Macron carried out his promise to appoint the same number of women as men, albeit merely one woman was given a senior role.

Macron I cabinet

Edouard Philippe, Prime Minister. Like the president, he graduated from the elitist Ena college for France’s top civil servants. In 2002 he was actively involved in setting up the centre-right, Les Républicains, party led by Bordeaux Mayor Alain Juppé.

Bruno Le Maire, Economy Minister: A right-winger, aged 48, he was part of Nicolas Sarkozy’s government and is said to have coveted the economy role for several years.

Gérard Darmanin, Public Accounts Minister. Right-wing politician.

François Bayrou, Justice Minister: At 66, this centrist is no stranger to government, having served twice as education minister several years ago.

Gérard Collomb, Interior Minister: An early adopter of the new president, aged 69, Minister Collomb was part of the Socialist party for decades. He was seen as instrumental in bringing François Bayrou into the campaign.

Jean-Yves Le Drian, Foreign and Europe Minister: Aged 69, he served President François Hollande with fidelity as Defence Minister and is one of only two survivors of the outgoing government.

Nicolas Hulot, Ecology Minister: An environmentalist opposed to nuclear energy, he was heavily involved in the COP21 climate change conference in Paris.

Sylvie Goulard, Defence Minister: At 52, she is a europarlamentarian, and has been part of Mr Macron’s foreign affairs team for several months.

Agnès Buzyn, Health Minister: A well-known health professional, she has headed the haematology department at the Necker children’s hospital in Paris as well as France’s national cancer institute.

Sophie Cluzel, Disabilities minister. Her four children include a daughter with Down’s Syndrome.

Laura Flessel, Sports Minister: Aged 45, she is a double Olympic fencing champion widely known in French sport. With an eye to the Paris bid to hold the 2024 Olympics.

Françoise Nyssen, Culture Minister: Born in Etterbeek, Belgium. She worked for the Belgian government for several years in urban planning before moving into publishing in France.

Murielle Pénicaud, Labour Minister: No stranger to the labour ministry, where she worked in the early 1990s, Ms Pénicaud, 61, has been head of the Business France agency with the aim of attracting foreign investment.

Richard Ferrand, Minister for Territorial Cohesion: Aged 54, he is also secretary general of Mr Macron’s fledgling La République en Marche (Republic on the Move) party.

Mounir Mahjoubi, Minister for Digital Affairs: He ran the digital side of Mr Macron’s presidential campaign but now has a high-profile post in government. President Macron has placed the digital economy as a high priority.

Ambassador Philippe Étienne, Chief diplomatic adviser, 61, currently ambassador to Germany, who will have to pursue the president’s agenda of reforming the EU.

Patrice Strzoda: 64, in charge of the president’s office and a highly experienced civil servant, who acted briefly as chief of staff for the outgoing prime minister.

Sibeth Ndiaye: Born in Senegal, 37, and a mother of three, she ran the press relations side of his presidential campaign and now has the task of doing the same for his presidency. She only became a naturalised French citizen last year and played a starring role in a behind-the-scenes TV documentary on the Macron campaign.


For further information:

French Presidency: http://www.elysee.fr/toutes-les-actualites/


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