May 20, 2018

Transforming Sound into Music

On the picture Ambassador Christian Lepage, Permanent Representative of Belgium to the International organizations in The Hague, Ms Céline Renaud, CEO of JMC Lutherie and H.E. Philippe Couvreur, Registrar of the International Court of Justice.

By Roy Lie A Tjam.

H.E. Urs Breiter, Ambassador of Switzerland organized what is called “an emotional and musical journey of transforming sound into music “The presentation was by Céline Renaud, CEO of JMC Lutherie.

The concise audience was left mesmerized by what they had seen and heard. The venue chosen was the Swiss Embassy The Hague, on 15 June 2017.

JMC Lutherie was founded in 2005 by Jean-Michel Capt and Céline Renaud. They are gifted guitar builders from the Vallée de Joux in Switzerland. The fact that JMC Lutherie is based in the Vallée de Joux is partly due to the very deep roots of the founders. It is also a magnificent opportunity to remain in the vicinity of the important Risoud Forest which has been known for centuries for its exceptional wood.

The technics JMC Lutherie applies in the building of a guitar are centuries old. Unlike the violin where the soundboard is sculpted, for the guitar, it is about shaping the soundboard in resonance wood found in the Risoud Forest. This is supported by a dam, a kind of beading in spruce resonance sticks, which serve to shape and smooth the table, to bring resistance and above all to balance the sound in frequencies.

JMC Lutherie exports its guitars to places as far as Japan. The superb cooperation of the founders has also led to the creation of an exceptional Soundboard.

The Soundboard, an avant-garde wooden resonance speaker from the Risoud Forest in the Jura Switzerland. It is an unprecedented approach to sound.

The Vallée de Joux has created its own history in the field of fine watchmaking. It is home to the brands most renowned for their expertise in horological complications.

The region has long winters, it has developed its own resources. It is perhaps the extraordinary ties between creative talents and nature that is the source of such an abundant wealth of inventions.

Mr Bart Boogaard showing the effects of a soundboard to a guest.

Now, after more than three decades of experience and the building of more than 150 guitars, Jean-Michel Capt has developed a unique know-how. A reception concluded the surpassingly revealing afternoon of unique Swift craftsmanship. No wonder, all departed enlightened!



Mr  Bart Boogaard  +31 20 620 16 96  /

For sound testing:

Mr Robbert van den Eijnde +31 23 551 51 39



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