June 18, 2018

Vietnam-Netherlands Relationship: Milestones and Prospect for The Future

 H.E. Ambassador Ngo Thi Hoa presented the Credential Letter to The King of the Netherlands.

By H.E. Nog Thi Hoa, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam to the Kingdom  of the Netherlands.


Highlights of the Vietnam-Netherlands relations in the past 44 years.

Viet Nam and the Netherlands have a very good historical and traditional relation. The two countries established diplomatic relations on April 9, 1973, and the Netherlands was one of the first Western European countries to establish diplomatic relations with Viet Nam after the signing of the Paris Peace Accords (1973). In the development process, the two countries have enjoyed many similarities in terms of natural and geographic conditions, with complementary advantages to each other in terms of trade, agriculture, exports and labor….

Ambassador Ngo Thi Hoa visited MCNV in Amsterdam.

Thus, in the last 44 years, from a common partnership, Viet Nam and the Netherlands relations have developed into Strategic partnership on Climate Change and Water Management (2010) and the Strategic partnerships on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (2014). Since then, the bilateral relations have been developing continuously and comprehensively both in breath and in depth.

The Netherlands is regarded as a priority partner by Viet Nam. The policy of promoting cooperation with the Netherlands has always been highly supported by the State, Government and localities and enterprises in Viet Nam. To date, the two sides have identified five priority cooperation areas:

  1. Climate change adaptation and water management,
  2. Agriculture and food security,
  3. Energy,
  4. Marine economy and transportation services;
  5. Smart city.

Ambassador received representative from Kenlog.

Ambassador Ngo Thi Hoa and ACTH (ASEAN Committee The Hague) visited KLM Headquarters.

Major milestones of bilateral relations in 2017

It can be said that 2017 is a vibrant year in the cooperation between Viet Nam and the Netherlands. In the early of 2017, the two sides have actively promoted cooperation within the framework of strategic partnerships on climate change management and adaptation; and sustainable agricultural development and food security.

In March 2017, Marjolijn Sonnema, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (in charge of agriculture), visited Viet Nam chairing the conference on food security. On this occasion, 55 agreements related to agriculture were signed between the Dutch and Vietnamese counterparts.

Ambassador met with the Dutch Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City before his departure for Viet Nam.

From 18 to 21 April 2017, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dzung visited the Netherlands and co-chaired the 6th meeting of the Vietnam-Netherlands intergovernmental committee on climate change adaptation and water management. The two sides agreed to promote cooperation projects in this field, especially the Mekong Delta Project to cope with rising sea level, salt water, coastal erosion. In addition, the two sides also agreed to work together on port management, logistic services and high-tech agriculture.

In other field of cooperation, last May, Queen Maxima visited Viet Nam to promote adequate, affordable and sustainable access to financial services for people in Viet Nam. Deputy Minister of Public Security Nguyen Van Thanh paid a working visit to the Netherlands (3/2017), opening up the possibility of cooperation between the two sides in the field of security, especially network security.

The Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Communist Magazine Pham Tat Thang (5/2017) visited the Netherlands to exchange experience and set up cooperation channel with several Dutch research counterparts. There have been also numerous business delegations, and delegations of provinces and cities from Viet Nam to the Netherlands to explore opportunities and study the latter success.

The most significant highlight in 2017 will be the visit of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc to the Netherlands this July. The visit will lay an important development milestone and gain momentum for bilateral relations for a number of reasons as follows: Firstly, this is the first visit of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc to the Netherlands in his term, with a view to actively implementing the foreign policy of openness and international integration, bringing the strategic partnership to a new level of depth.

ACTH Ambassadors visited Damen.

For the Netherlands, the VVD party of the Prime Minister won the election and Prime Minister Mark Rutte is preparing for his third term. With the new mindsets, the two leaders will create strong momentum for the bilateral relations. Secondly, on the basis of the good relations and through the visit, the strategic partnerships between the two countries will be deepened and new directions for future cooperation will be decided while making use of new strengths and for mutual benefits. Thirdly, the two countries are to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations in April 2018.

The visit by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc will be an important development towards this historical milestone of the two countries. Thus, together with the 44-year bilateral achievements, 2017 will be a flourishing year with high-level visits, bringing the strategic partnerships to a new height and efficiency.

Ambassador Ngo Thi Hoa attended the traditional festival at Embassy of Bangladesh.

Development of bilateral relations in the coming years.

As Ambassador of Viet Nam in the Netherlands, I wish to boost the bilateral relations and maintain the current momentum of development, by focusing on the following: Firstly, connecting various stakeholders to implement the strategic partnerships on water management, climate change adaptation; sustainable agriculture development and food security. Exploring and studying advanced models in port management, aviation, waterway transportation, hi-tech agriculture, high tech science, smart city of the Netherlands and introducing these to Viet Nam. Secondly, strengthening the ties between cities and provinces of the two countries. Thirdly, promoting the image of the country and people of Viet Nam in the Netherlands by providing for information.

Fourthly, strengthening the people-to-people relationship, working to establish a network of Dutch friends of Viet Nam in the Netherlands. With these efforts, sincerity and spirit of open cooperation between the two sides, it is believed that the relationship between Viet Nam and the Netherlands will further develop and benefit our peoples./.

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