June 21, 2018

Embassy Festival, two days in September

On the 1st and 2nd of September, the Embassy Festival will, for the fifth year running, transform the Lange Voorhout into a sea of culture. On the evening of the 1st, the festivities will kick-off at 17.00 with one stage offering a diverse and colourful programme.

The festival will fully commence on Saturday the 2nd of September, starting at 12.00 and centering around four stages, the Kids Compound and the International Market. At the Contemporary stage we will welcome Baptiste W.Hamon (FRA), who’s known to steal the hearts of many with his Americana chansons, and Brian Deady (IRL), a rising star from the Emerald Isle, who will take the audience on a journey with his uplifting and soulful voice. On the Classical Stage, the audience will be swept away by well-known pianists Valentina Tóth (HUN) and Luke Welch (CAN).

Valentina Toth


The festival welcomed 35.000 visitors from all different ages in 2016. Expecting around 50 countries to participate in this year’s festival, the cultural (music, dance, theatre) and culinary richness of all these different countries will transform the Lange Voorhout into a worldly experience.

Get transported into a different world and travel across countries such as Finland, Slovenia, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Slovakia, Saudi-Arabia, India, Romania, Sudan, Russia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Cuba, France, Mongolia, Guatemala, Canada, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Haiti, Palestine, Bolivia, Ghana, Greece, Bulgaria and Ireland.


Cultural Enlightenment

At the festival you get to see lots of international and talented acts that are on the verge of a breakthrough. Previous acts that have played at the Embassy Festival have proven this.

A diverse collection of sensational acts, modern as well as classical, and the additional dance and theatre acts, make the Embassy Festival the perfect destination for every musical and cultural enthusiast. The festival portraits the sounds and colours of a world filled with culture and music, from old to modern and from classical to folk.

One stage will be solely serving everyone Classical Music throughout the day. Big names from all over the world have previously played on this stage. The Contemporary Stage will offer a broad and international selection of popular music, bringing together the sounds of today and the future. Around the Creative Arena, an eclectic mix of dance, music and theatre will be presented.

Baptiste W. Hamon.


Children will be amused and entertained at the Kids Compound and a selection of workshops and mini-concerts will be held at the Container Stage.

Foodies rejoice at the International Market, with the best wines, sausages, cakes, sandwiches and lots of different traditional bites that have been ‘flown in’ from across the globe.

The Embassy Festival is a testament that culture brings people together.

Uit Festival The Hague

On Saturday evening, 2 September, the Embassy Festival will conclude and it will mark the start of Uit Festival The Hague, which is run by the same team organising the Embassy Festival. Cultural institutions in The Hague will open their doors, with the Lange Voorhout functioning as the main hub, offering an exciting cultural programme.

On Sunday the 3rd of September the Uit Festival continues with, an information market and many different previews giving visitors a taste of the upcoming cultural season, at the Lange Voorhout as well as in several cultural institutions. The ‘Cultuurankers’ (a collection of cultural institutions in The Hague) in the eight boroughs of The Hague, will kick-off the three-day UIT Festival with an open evening on Friday the 1st of September.


Embassy Festival

Friday 1 September | 17.00-23.00 Uur

Saturday 2 September | 12.00 – 21.00 Uur

Lange Voorhout, The Hague| Free Admission

More Information about The Festival: www.embassyfestival.com

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