July 19, 2018

From Cameroon, Florence Béal-Nénakwe

Originally from western Cameroon, the niece of one of the King’s wives, Florence Béal-Nénakwe spent most of her childhood in the Bangangté Chefferie.

There she visited and then permeated the largest collections of wooden masks, earth and the most original colourful motifs that animated the huts of the king’s wives.

Until the necklaces of the geometric forms tattooed on the neck of her aunt. The initiation into the finest sense of the word began.

For more pictures of Florence Béal-Nénakwe’s paintings, please open the link below:https: //www.flickr.com/photos/121611753@N07/albums/72157684051942301

When she returned home, Florence-infant tried to reproduce the forms and colours that had dazzled her. It was not counting the mockery of her girlfriends class or play.

Eventually, she decided to forget. Several decades later, she became aware of what she really was. A straight woman, clear in her mind, and in love with her roots.

Florence now paints in spite of herself. She paints. She’s painting. It does not stop. The flood that it has so long contained, during all these years is pouring into the life of today.

But do not be deceived. Florence does not copy; she does not imitate anything or anyone. Only the inner energy linked to his native Cameroon and his personal life, makes him throw on a canvas this gaiety and this hope.

Today, she continues the exhibitions in beautiful places. She has appeared in many newspapers and magazines. These works are acquired by great business man and collector.

And at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, in South Africa she was chosen along with 2 other artists to represent Cameroon. With her painting entitled “Welcome to all”. She is also regularly asked to illustrate the cover pages of school books.

These results led her to realise one of these dreams. The one to open, this own art gallery, she’s named “Mbakop Gallery”.

There are exhibited many of his works expressing the artist’s feelings with words that him his own. Florence Béal describes herself as a singular person with singular ideas.

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