July 19, 2018

Indonesian Embassy Showcasing Batik from Bali and Yogyakarta

On the picture Indigo batik from Yogyakarta.

By Anton Lutter.

Batik – the technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth – is steeped in centuries old tradition from the various islands which make up Indonesia with their own distinctive design and style.

For instance Java itself is known for its varied distinctive Batik developed mainly around the different Royal Courts which, as in Europe, have been the traditional centres of cultural development. The importance of Batik has been acknowledged in october 2009 by UNESCO designating Indonesian Batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Promoting Batik in The Netherlands, the Embassy of Indonesia in cooperation with the Government of Yogyakarta Special Territory, Galeri Batik Jawa and the Heritage City of Gianyar (Bali) organised an exhibition and fashion show called ‘Indigo Batik from Yogya to the World’ and ‘Traces of Gianyar Heritage City’ showing Balinese woven fabric; both events at the Grote Kerk 25-26 of July.

Fashion from Gianyar.

The wonderful fashion show themed Natural Indigo Batik for All Season and attended by cultural lovers, textile in- and exporters from all over the country, showcased the works of four Balinese designers such as Harry Rahmat Darajat (Ai Syarif), Tjokorda Gede Abinanda Sukawati, Pande Putu Wijana, and Bintang Miraafriningrum and two designers from Yogyakarta namely Mayasari Sekarlaranti and Goet Puspa.

Earlier a seminar about the usage of indigo as a way of environmental friendly and sustainable batik technik was presented by Laretna T.Adishakti and Mayasari Sekarlaranti who also explained about Yogya as the world’s batik city and the process of making the natural blue color in batik.

Dancers from Bali.

Gianyar weaving was discussed by Catrini Kubontubuh and Prof. I Wayan Dibia.

In september the International Trusts Organization (INTO) and the Indonesian Heritage Trust (Badan Pelestarian Pusaka Indonesia/BPPI) will organize an international conference in Gianyar, which will bring together hundreds of persons from across the world who will explore the connection between their cultural traditions and concerns of sustainable development.

Indigo batik from Yogyakarta.

Followed again in 2018 by the second Jogja International Batik Biannual in octobre 2018. At the end of the fashion show the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Indonesia H.E. Ibnu Wahyutomo, complimented and thanked the organizers, participants and attendees for making the events of Indonesian culture a huge succes.


Photography by A. Lutter.

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