April 23, 2019

“Keep People Affected by Conflict in Charge”

The 8th MBBI’s Conference  centred around the new long-term initiative: “Keep People Affected by Conflict in Charge” will be held on 3-6 October at the Peace Palace in The Hague,

As important part of the program of the MBBI Conference,will be the workshop on de-escalation given by Doug Noll, who was a business and commercial trial lawyer for 22 years before turning to problem-solving and peacemaking. 


Workshop:De-escalating Strong Emotions in negotiation, Diplomacy and Conflicts.
Doug Noll’s de-escalation trainings are the culmination of years of research and experience in the Prison of Peace project. He has taught this state of the art technique for over 7 years in some of California’s most violent men’s and women’s prisons with remarkable results. This time, a day-long de-escalation training workshop will teach the participants how to de-escalate strong emotions in mediation, solve problems and create accountable agreements in their practices of negotiation, diplomacy and conflict resolution.

To whom?

The workshop is developed for specialists in mediation, law and diplomacy. Mediators, diplomats, lawyers and judges often have to negotiate and problem-solve in tense, escalated situations. All of them would benefit enormously from learning this skill from the Master himself. The workshop will be also promote to military higher-ranking officers.


Traditional forms of negotiation and communication have been shown to be less effective than desirable. In this workshop, the participants will gain new insights into how a human processes information in conflict and will also master innovative new skills. They will learn how to de-escalate a volatile situation and move the discussion into effective problem-solving and durable agreements. We also consider this a unique opportunity given that it is the first time Doug Noll is coming to the Netherlands to give this workshop.


The day will be divided in two following sessions: 

1. Micro-Interventions in Mediation, devoted to exploration of the concepts of emotional invalidation, reflective listening, core messaging and affect labelling; and 

2. Guiding Decision-Making in Mediation, that will focus on teaching and developing skills in recognising and working with decisional errors commonly made by parties in high conflict, understanding the systems of decision making, malware, ignorance and information gaps, strategies and techniques for guiding counsel and parties leading to better decisions.

Both sessions will be highly interactive.

When and where?
October 4, 2017
9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2,The Hague,2517 KJ,Netherlands

To register and/or to have more information about the workshop and Doug Noll please go to the following link:https://mbbinternational.org/events/workshop-de-escalating-strong-emotions-in-negotiation-diplomacy-and-conflicts/



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