June 20, 2019

Brexpats – Hear our vote

Brexpats – Hear Our Voice awarded the European Citizens Prize 2017

On 25 August, the organisation “Brexpats – Hear Our Voice” received the European Citizens Prize in the Huis van Europa (House of Europe) in The Hague.

Mrs Debbie Williams, founder of Brexpats, explained the importance of the organization and its goals. Brexpats wants to give a voice to citizens affected by the forthcoming United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union. With this project, Brexpats want to give the British community in the EU (1.2 million people) and EU nationals within the UK (3 million people) a voice. British MEP Ms Jean Lambert nominated Brexpats for the Prize.

The European Parliament awards the European Citizens Prize annually to a maximum of 50 people and organizations who have contributed to European cooperation or the promotion of European values. The award winners from all over Europe meet each other in October in Brussels.

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