June 22, 2018

150 Canadian Confederation  

Allocution of Ambassador Olivier Nicoloff, Canadian Embassy at the Canada Day. © Fred Guerdin ©

Tuesday, 27 June 2017, Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels: The Canadian heads of mission in Brussels, H.E. Ambassador Olivier Nicoloff (Belgium and Luxembourg) and H.E. Ambassador Daniel Costello (EU) co-hosted a reception to celebrate Canada Day as well as the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation.

A joyful occasion for Canada as well as a whole year of reflection about Canadian identity, and the country’s place in the world stage. As noted by Ambassador Nicoloff “It was 150 years ago that a great Canadian adventure began: Québec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia decided to join their national destinies in a single Canadian confederation. Since then other provinces and territories have join the confederation to form Canada as we know it today –A mari usque ad mare – from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic to the Arctic: 10 provinces and 3 territories.

Ambassador Dan Costello and Ambassador Olivier Nicoloff pose with a “Mountie”, Belgium, June 27, 2017, Canadian Embassy at the Canada Day. © Fred Guerdin ©

Her Canadian Majesty’s Government has chosen to emphasize four themes in particular during this jubilee:

  1. Diversity and inclusion,as they continue to build a welcoming Canada
  2. Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.
  3. Youth – as they continue to engage young people and give them the means to contribute to their society, because they are the ones who will shapetomorrow’sCanada
  4. Environmentas they are all the custodians of their environment, a source of our country’s wealth and pride.

This year is also particularly important as we remember the Canadian sacrifice in Belgium one century ago. In November the countries will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele. Canada remembers its contribution to the Allies war efforts; forging through a deeply felt Canadian identity around values we still cherish today such as democracy, respect, tolerance, solidarity and peace; and Canada will honour and perpetuate the bound forged in blood, mud and gas with Belgium in the Flemish fields.

On EU relations, Canada and the EU are glad to reinforce their commercial ties through their upcoming free trade agreement.

Brussels, Belgium, June 27, 2017, Canadian Embassy at the Canada Day. © Fred Guerdin ©

For further information:

Embassy of Canada to Belgium and Luxembourg (HE Ambassador Olivier Nicoloff): http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/belgium-belgique/index.aspx?lang=fra

Mission of Canada to the EU (HE Ambassador Dan Costello): http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/eu-ue/index.aspx?lang=fra

Canada 150: http://canada.pch.gc.ca/eng/1468262573081

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