June 22, 2018

Cabinet Günter I in Schleswig-Holstein

Premier Daniel Günther – Picture by Gerd Seide.

lFrom 28 June 2017, Schleswig-Holstein, in North Germany has a new cabinet formed by eight ministers in a coalition of three political parties, namely the Christian Democrats, the Liberals and the Greens.

14th Premier of Schleswig-Holstein is the Christian Democrat Daniel Günter. As one of the state’s representatives at the Bundesrat, he also serves on the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Schleswig-Holstein (SH) is Germany’s northernmost state. Its capital city is Kiel. From a population of ca. 2,872 million inhabitans approximately 65,000 are Danish-speakers.

For further information: 

State Government of Schleswig-Holstein: http://www.schleswig-holstein.de/EN/Home/home_node.html;jsessionid=83B602701583B1626FC27BAB4D8E1F4F


Premier Daniel Günther – Picture by Gerd Seidel – Wikipedia im Landtag Schleswig-Holstein

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