September 23, 2018

Poultry trade mission from the Netherlands to Rwanda

A delegation of Dutch business people from the poultry sector will visit Rwanda from 3 to 6 October for a trade mission. Thirteen companies have signed up for the mission that will attend the Poultry Africa 2017 Expo and Leadership Conference in Kigali.

The mission is organized by the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC), the leading network of Dutch companies that do business with Africa, and has 350 members. A majority of them is active in the agricultural sector – one of the main sources of income for this western European country. “Companies from the entire value chain are part of this trade mission,” NABC’s mission leader Mr Paul van de Ven said. “So you will see companies that produce and sell feeds, but also slaughtering processing lines,” he said. “During match-making sessions we will link companies that share the same interests with each other.”

The October trade mission to Rwanda is linked to the Poultry Africa Summit 2017 expo in Kigali, on October 4 and 5. Participants of the fair can get in touch with companies active in poultry production that will be showcasing innovative solutions for the industry. The leadership conference at the Poultry Africa 2017 will focus on themes like antimicrobial resistance, avian influenza, poultry welfare and poultry marketing in Africa.

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On June 21st 2017, the Dutch Poultry Centre (DPC), VIV worldwide and the Netherlands – African Business Council (NABC) organized an event to inform and attract Dutch poultry companies about the poultry trade mission. Ambassador Jean Pierre Karabaranga of the Embassy of Rwanda in The Hague gave a presentation and informed the attendees about the investment opportunities in agriculture in Rwanda.

For this trade mission to Rwanda, NABC partners with the Embassy of Rwanda in The Hague and the Dutch embassy in Kigali. Other partners are the Dutch Poultry Center and Viv Worldwide.

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