September 23, 2018

Peace Palace signs Sustainable Development Goals

Peace and justice as a future goal
Peace Palace signs Sustainable Development Goals

The Hague – President Bernard Bot today on behalf of the Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace signed the Sustainable Development Goals Charter. This explains the organization itself to promoting the sustainable development goals for the world established by the United Nations. Specifically, the Carnegie Foundation-Peace Palace will work towards the objective to pursue peaceful and just societies where all citizens are involved.

The Peace Palace was established as a temple for peace and justice from the ideal that good dialogue, mediation and independent courts that can deal with disputes between states, can prevent war. In the Peace Palace International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the Hague Academy of International Law established.

The Carnegie Foundation owns the Peace Palace, facilitates these institutions and manages the largest library in the world in terms of international law. Besides putting the Carnegie Foundation is actively committed to promoting dialogue on peace and justice and to connect different parties, all with the larger goal to make concrete steps towards a more peaceful world.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations since January 2016 serving as the main goals that we need to work as a global future. They are the successors of the Millennium Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals was first promoting peaceful and just society in which all citizens are concerned as a concrete goal for the future. This Sustainable Development Goal 16. The goal is closely related to the ideal that the Peace Palace was founded.

Sign: and then?
By signing the Sustainable Development Goals Charter lays the Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace itself to promoting tangible progress towards peace. The Peace Palace symbolizes the ideal of world peace and justice, but the Carnegie Foundation also seeks actively to translate this ideal into concrete steps towards a more peaceful world. This makes the organization by bringing parties together and encourage dialogue in a unique building that was erected as a temple for peace and justice.

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