September 18, 2018

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Ukraine Celebrates

H.E. Vsevolod Chentsov and spouse Dr. Natalia Melnyk, welcoming their guests. 

By Roy Lie A Tjam.

The Ukrainian Embassy in the Netherlands had what can be called a “double celebration”.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E. Vsevolod Chentsov and spouse Dr. Natalia Melnyk, hosted a reception to simultaneously celebrate the 26th Anniversary of the Independence of the Ukraine Republic and the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Ukraine.

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H.E. Mr Magzhan Ilyassov, Ambassador of Kazakhstan and His Excellency Vsevolod Chentsov.

The festivities took place on Tuesday 26 September 2017. Many colleagues and friends of Ambassador Vsevolod Chentsov came to congratulate him and rejoice together in light of the events.

In his welcome remarks, Vsevolod Chentsov exclaimed, 26 years ago, Ukraine has reestablished its sovereignty. It’s been a difficult journey so far: to overcome a Soviet legacy of mismanagement and corruption, rebuild from a broken market economy, and to reformulate a civil society and functional government”.

H.E. Mr Elpidoforos Economou, Ambassador of Cyprus, H.E. Mr Elyes Ghariani, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia and H.E. Mr. Chris Leo Clark Hoornaert, Ambassador for Belgium at Ukraine’s National Day celebration.

“2014 marked the beginning of Ukraine’s existential challenge: a hybrid war organized and sponsored by their neighboring country. Nonetheless, Ukrainians have managed not only to sustain the enormous pressure but to continue to reform our country. They’ve managed to survive not only due to the strength and resilience of their people, but also due to the solidarity and support of their friends. No doubt, the Netherlands are among them”.

“This year marks another important milestone: 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our two countries. At the same time, history of our relations is much longer.”.

His Excellency Mr Carlos Herrera, Ambassador of Peru and the Ambassador of Panama, His Excellency Mr Willys Delvalle.

“The first Ukrainian mission in The Hague – Trade Mission of the Ukrainian People’s Republic – was established almost 80 years ago during the short and dramatic period of the Ukrainian statehood in the beginning of the 20-th century. We have shared many moments together both joyful and sad, but even during hard times we’ve kept mutual trust and continued our cooperation”.

“Despite all challenges within “The Association Agreement” between Ukraine and the European Union, Ukraine successfully became a part of their unity. We are grateful to all Dutch People, businessmen, politicians which never lost trust in Ukraine. I also thank all Ukrainians who has been promoting Ukraine in The Netherlands. This agreement is already bringing its fruits: we enjoy stable growth of bilateral trade and increase of investments”.

“This year the Netherlands became the 2nd top foreign investor to the economy of Ukraine with the volume of investments ranging around approximately 6 billion Euros. And, I am sure, it’s only a beginning of the even stronger partnership for the benefit of our two nations and wider Europe”.

The following is a welcome letter addressed in the double celebration on behalf of the Dutch people to Ukraine:

Dear friends,

The most precious value in this world in a human being. We appreciate a charitable nature of the Dutch people, their empathy and support. There are over 40 Dutch charitable organizations active in Ukraine, some of them – since the 1990ies.
Today I have an honour to welcome Mr. Free Doomen, co-founder of HOMICO organization. Mr Doomen was distinguished by the President of Ukraine with the Order of Merit of Ukraine for his over 20-year charitable activities in our country.

Before we proceed with our program, I would like to thank all who helped to organize this evening – to our sponsors, in particular, companies DTEK, NED Spice, FMO, Theeuwes-Holding, Ukraine International Airlines, Foundation of Ukrainians in the Netherlands and, last but not least all my colleagues in the Ukrainian embassy.

I hope, you will enjoy a Ukrainian music, food and beverages this evening.

Now I would like to invite Mr. Doomen to receive the Order.
I propose to raise this toast to prosperity of Ukraine and to our friendship!

Live music and an interactive chocolate demonstration by Yaroslav Pakhuchyi, animated the evening.

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