October 20, 2018

Catalan representations closed down















As per ministerial ordinance from 30 October 2017 all Catalan trade representations abroad are to cease operations. Only exception is the representation located in Brussels because of the special relation of the Spanish Autonomous Communities vis-à-vis the EU Committee of Regions. However the representation’s delegate to the EU, Mr Amadeu Altafaj has resigned after he unsuccessfully endeavoured to becoming “Acting Permanent Representative of Catalonia to the EU”; a position reserved for independent states accredited to the European Union.

The representations in France, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Germany, USA, Canada and Mexico (based in Washington D.C.), Austria, Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland (Genève) and Poland (Warsaw) are closed. Representations’ employees are due to be examined as to their loyalty to Spain before a decision is made on their employment future according to the Spanish Foreign Ministry sources. Thus far the Catalan government had attempted to use the representations as “diplomatic” missions albeit their function was to represent Catalonian interests abroad in trade, investments and culture. All their activities are taken over by the legitimate embassies of the Kingdom of Spain.

Since Friday, 27 October 2017 Catalonia’s autonomy has been suspended by the kingdom’s central government in Madrid in application of article 155 of the Spanish constitution. The Catalan regional government of Carles Puigdemont is ousted. In her capacity as Minister for Territorial Administrations, The Vice-Premier Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria, has taken over the Generalitat’s administration as “Acting-Coordinator of the Generalitat of Catalonia”. 

For further information:

Spanish Ministry for Territorial Administrations: http://www.seat.mpr.gob.es/portal/prensa/actualidad/noticias/2017/10/20171028.html

Catalan Foreign Affairs: http://exteriors.gencat.cat/ca/inici/

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