May 25, 2019

Fahrelnissa Zeid festive opening at DB Kunsthalle

Mr Thorsten Strauß, Global Head, Deutsche Bank Art, Culture & Sports HRH Prince Ra‘ad bin Zeid Al Hussein.

Thursday, 19 October 2017, Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, Berlin: At the premises of the Deutsche Bank’s exclusive art centre, the extraordinary opening night for the much-awaited exhibition about the globe-trotter painter, who became an Iraqi princess par alliance took place; a night for Fahrelnissa Zeid.

2.Countess Svenja von Reichenbach, Deputy Head, Deutsche Bank KunstHalle Claus Gielisch, Honorary Consul of Jordan.

Fahrelnissa Zeid (1901-1991) may well be one of the most fascinating artists one never heard of, or that is, until recently. An exhibition of the late Turkish-born, Iraqi by marriage and Jordanian by destiny artist is being exhibited in Berlin after being hosted at the Tate Modern in the UK. Thereafter the exhibition is to be taken to Beirut, Lebanon. 

As a larger-than-life figure The Tate sent conservator Natasha Walker to Jordan, where Fahrelnissa Zeid spent her final years, ahead of the exhibition to stabilise ten paintings from the Zeid family collection; a major lender to the show alongside with Istanbul Modern. The result is a very elegant exhibition put together to rend homage to an artist who was long forgotten, though her life and art are as eclectic and cosmopolitan as her life itself. 

HE Basheer Zoubi, Ambassador of Jordan to Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, Claus Gielisch, Honorary Consul of Jordan.


In honour of Fahrelnissa Zeid, her eldest son, HRH Prince Ra’ad bin Zeid, former Chamberlain to HM King Abdullah II of Jordan, the latter’s spouse, HRH Princess Majda al-Ra’ad and grandson, HRH Prince Mired bin Ra’ad made their way from Amman to Berlin for the exclusive opening. 

HRH Prince Mired bin Ra’ad, HRH Princess Majda al-Ra’ad, HRH Prince Ra’ad bin Zeid Al Hussein.

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Pictures  © Deutsche Bank KunstHalle Photographer: Andre Herder

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