October 20, 2018

Light show on temple Egyptian National Museum of Antiquities

Kickoff festivities around 200th anniversary in 2018

The National Museum of Antiquities in 2018 comprises two hundred years and is celebrated with numerous festivities. Which will start on November 14, 2017 with a grand light show in the Egyptian temple in the main hall.

With swirling light images, music and narration is two hundred year history museum to life, from its foundation in 1818 by King William I to the present. The light show lasts four minutes and is now seen daily at 11.30, 13.30 and 15.30. This anniversary project was realized thanks to an additional contribution of the Bank Giro Lottery. www.rmo.nl/ light show.

With the new light show makes the Museum of Antiquities shows that it is only two hundred years old, but already two hundred years ‘from now’. The two thousand year old Egyptian temple in the main hall is the carrier of the light show story. It will include talks about the history of the temple and its coming to Leiden in the 70s of the last century.

Egyptische tempel Rijksmuseum van Oudheden.  Photography by Hielco Kuipers


The temple itself seems to burst into colored light rays and then again to be built brick by brick. Highlights from the collection are reviewed in sophisticated projections. For an international audience, there is an English version. The design of the new light show is Mr.Beam Projection Art Studio . Works Mr.Beam be shown worldwide and won several awards.

In 2018, the museum has two centuries and is celebrated with three hundred anniversary exhibitions and activities, evening openings and receptions in the entrance hall. This new light show, the museum wants to create more unity between the temple hall and creating a multi-stage for all the anniversary activities.

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