November 17, 2018

Inaugural Ceremony International Institute for Justice Excellence

By Roy Lie A Tjam.

On, 14 November 2017, The Hague acknowledged the establishment of the International Institute for Justice Excellence and celebration of the legacy of the ICTY. The ceremony took place at the Great Hall of Justice of the Peace Palace, and attendees included representatives of the various tribunals, ambassadors, and diplomatic staff of an array of embassies.

Mr. Jeffery Apperson, chairman and founder of the International Institute for Justice Excellence (IIJE), delivered the opening remarks. Jeffrey Apperson presented his board members to the audience, whom have come from the four corners of the globe- among them: China, USA, Nigeria, Netherlands, Trinidad & Tobago.

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H.E. Sheik Mohammed Belal, Ambassador of Bangladesh, Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, from Pakistan and Judge Walid Akoum, from the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.


Mr. Jeffery Apperson went on to explain the reasons behind the selection of The Hague and for being at the Peace Palace that particular evening. “The Hague, Apperson said, is about windmills, palaces and dreams of achieving the impossible; it is an international symbol of justice with institutions and a government dedicated to that symbol. I envision our institution adding value to these local and international institutions and hope we will eventually be a good local partner.”

As for being at the Peace Palace he exclaimed, “We are gathered here to announce the establishment of the International Institute for Justice Excellence, to establish an international justice excellence day and to honor the legacy in justice administration of a truly historic institution and its people, the UNICTY, and Lord Harry Woolf, a historic public figure.”

Mr Roy Lie A Tjam, Diplomat Magazine’s Editor, Judge Geoffrey Henderson, International Criminal Court and The Hon. The Chief Justice of Trinidad&Tobago, Mr Justice Ivor Archie O.R.T.T.


Other Speakers

Apperson was followed by Ms. Astrid Bronswijk, Head of International Affairs, and municipality of The Hague. Bronswijk expressed the municipality’s contentment with the arrival of yet another International Institute in The Hague- city of peace and justice.

Bronswijk was followed by the Honorable Justice Kashim Zanna of Bornio State Nigeria. Justice Kashim Zanna commenced his discourse with a quotation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. exclaiming, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. He furthermore stated,

“The mission of the International Institute for Justice Excellence (IIJE) is to contribute to the refinement and enhancement of the vehicle for justice delivery, everywhere. It is an endeavor: to establish a non-political, non-profit, international institution dedicated to developing a collaborative approach to improving, globally, the administration of justice more uniformly and efficiently by promoting and providing: research and more.”

The final speaker was Mr. John Hocking, Registrar UN-ICTY.

The Award Ceremony.

An Award presentation ceremony followed, The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) was presented with the first Justice Administration Excellence Award. The Tribunal received the award for its significant contributions to the field of Justice Administration. The President of ICTY Carmel Agius received an award.

In his Keynote address, President Agius expressed his gratitude noting that the award speaks to the ICTY’s lifetime achievements. According to Agius, the award is also an acknowledgement of its judges, principals, and past and present staff members who have excelled in the performance of their assignments.

Mr. Jeffery Apperson, chairman and founder of the International Institute for Justice Excellence (IIJE).


Furthermore, the Right Honorable Lord Woolf has been acknowledged with the International Justice Excellence Award.

In conclusion of the inaugural ceremony, Alexis Gill singer accompanied by Victor Segura piano, gave a rendition of “From a Distance” and concluded with a reception.

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