November 17, 2018

Amazing Thailand Health and Wellness Showcase 2017

Thailand, the premier destination for health and wellness tourism.

By Roy Lie A Tjam.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand organized the Amazing Thailand Health and Wellness Showcase conference, which took place on 11 August 2017. The event unveiled Thailand’s latest innovation on Functional and Regenerative Medicines – a globally emerging health trend that focuses on the restoration of the structure and function of damaged tissues and organs.

De facto, Thailand is the first and only country in Asia that has institutions, such as Better Being Hospital and MALI Hospital, which specialize in functional and regenerative medicine. Moreover, it has 58 JCI accredited hospitals, thus ranking highest in Southeast Asia, and has become an anti-aging center with the largest number of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine-certified medical professionals, tallying a total of 500 doctors, in Asia.

The objective of the Amazing Thailand Health and Wellness Showcase 2017 conference was to promulgate Thailand as a destination indisputably befitting for Health and Wellness Tourism. This one day conference, at Centara Grand Bangkok Convention Centre, demonstrated the potentiality and readiness of Thailand’s health-service products. Top level Thai health service providers made good use of the opportunity to present their services to international buyers. The conference and annex fair presented health innovative services for healthy longevity such as:

  1. Regenerative medicine
  2. Anti-aging medicine
  3. Cosmetic dentistry for beauty and anti-dental aging
  4. Cosmetic surgery
  5. Cell therapy
  6. Health check-up innovation

Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Mr. Noppadon Pakprot, Deputy Governor for Tourism Products and Business, delivered the opening speech in which he cordially and warmly welcomed all to the 4th Amazing Thailand Health and Wellness Showcase. Mr. Pakprot went on to announce general hospitals, dental clinics, laboratory checks, regenerative functional clinics and regenerative functional medicine hospitals – just to name a few – as the top 44 Health and Wellness providers in Thailand, as selected by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

All are ready, he said, to discuss prospective business deals. Moreover, Mr. Pakprot is convinced that the event will get prospective buyers up to speed on Thailand’s generous offering on health-and-wellness tourism knowledge and products. He then concluded his address by remarking the following, “We hope that this event will further strengthen the awareness of Thailand as the premier destination for health and wellness tourism.”

The event proved to be very successful, providing ample opportunity to rub shoulders with high-level medical doctors and specialists as well as one-on-one conversations between stakeholders. There was also time for presentations, examinations, digital information and so much more. Some of the hospitals and clinics had even arranged to shuttle prospective buyers for visits to their respective institutions.

As a renowned tourist destination, Thailand and its people are well known for their hospitality. It has been recognized among the top level Wellness and Health providers in the world. According to a report by, the independent consultancy, VISA and Oxford Economics, Thailand has once again been confirmed as one of Asia’s top medical tourism destinations.

The Thailand Authority for Tourism is aspiring to widen out on the fusion of tourism wellness and health. It has been proven beyond all doubt, the capacity and motivation Thailand possesses towards taking up that challenge. As a major highlight, the event confirmed people’s conviction of Thailand being a “Paradise for Longevity”.

The organisers during the conference.

The government of the Kingdom of Thailand has implemented new medical tourism policies – extending the visitor-stay period to 90 days for citizens of the integrated CLMV countries and the Republic of China – in order to accommodate medical tourists traveling to its shores. Additionally, the long-stay visa preferentially offers an extension of 10 years to Australia, Canada, Japan, Denmark and other European countries.

The conference got international media coverage with media delegations from Belgium, France, and the Netherlands being present. Under the auspices of TAT France and the Royal Thai Embassy in The Hague, an educational tour, to selected health-and-wellness facilities, was organized after the conference, in order to provide first-hand experience.

Royal Thai collaboratively with Tourism Authority of Thailand offices, around the globe, will eagerly assist interested parties in obtaining further information on Thai health and wellness tourism.


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