December 11, 2018

Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam

Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam by Xing Chen 

Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam has been written for reasonably experienced cyclists who probably learnt to ride a bicycle during their childhood years, in a relatively safe environment.

They feel comfortable when cycling in quiet, pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly areas with low car densities, but have yet to learn to navigate through busy, built-up areas with high levels of traffic, such as seen in the centre of Amsterdam.

Cycling confidently through crowded streets requires additional skills and detailed knowledge about traffic rules and road user behaviour.

In Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam, author Xing Chen focuses on the acquisition and development of these skills and knowledge, preparing readers for the multitude of unexpected traffic and personal situations that they might encounter as they place their foot on the pedal and swing their way onto the Amsterdam asphalt.

Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam is accompanied by dynamic, entertaining and illustrative photographs by Kevin McPeake and Shirley Agudo.


About the author:

Xing Chen (1985) is a neuroscientist who has lived in the US, the UK, and Singapore. In 2014, she moved to the Netherlands to work on the development of brain implants for sight restoration. On the very first day of her arrival in Amsterdam, she bought a secondhand bicycle, and gradually mastered the art of cycling through the crowded city streets. Xing now covers a distance of over 20 km per day, by bike.




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