April 23, 2019

Photographic Plates of Memory Labyrinths

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland, the Historyland Museum and St. Maximilian’s Center in Harmęże will present the exhibition “Photographic Plates of Memory Labyrinths” from January14th until February 13th.

The exhibition will be opened by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Mr Marcin Czepelak and the Mayor of Hellevoetsluis, Ms. Milene Junius.

Wystawa 11

The author of the exhibition, Marian Kołodziej, was a Polish artist, theatre and movie scenographer. He was a prisoner of the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz – Birkenau since the first day of its existence (camp number 432).

Wystawa 14

For nearly 50 years of his life he was silent about his war time experience and did not include it in his work. However, at the beginning of the 90’s, as a result of a severe illness, he decided to follow the words of the great Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert who once wrote: “You have not survived simply to live. You have little time, a testimony must be given.”

Consequently, he created a series of drawings about his personal experiences in the concentration camp. Through his words-paintings which form the photographic plates of memory, the author leads us into a labyrinth of experiences related to the hell of Auschwitz.

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