December 11, 2018

Diplomat Magazine’s new edition – The magic of The Hague

Diplomat Magazine, the first diplomatic magazine in the Netherlands, is more active than ever. One need only look back at our recent successes, including the innumerable events organised by the magazine in the last five months, the special 10th Anniversary issue for the embassy of Rwanda, the development of the magazine into a leading online publication with hundreds of thousands of readers, and now this special printed edition.  

Inside the microcosm of The Hague, the picture of the world is composed of unique elements. In terms of international politics The Hague is different; here diplomats live in an exceptional territory, meeting regularly in order to find agreements, support, alliances and information. The diplomatic scene is so alive here that it becomes possible to see the world as a place of hope for the future. That is the magic of The Hague, and that’s why we are always busy looking for the best angle to show our readers the diversity and the intensity of diplomatic life. 

Diplomat Magazine became global after passing all of its articles to the Dow Jones / Factiva platform where more than 1.3 million subscribers have access to the unique compendium of texts produced by ambassadors, ministers, diplomats, heads of international organisations and academics from the Benelux and around the world. We are also traveling to capture events and places globally; recently invited to Kazakhstan, Thailand and Uzbekistan, we share here with you our impressions of the Astana Expo, the Health and Wellness Showcase in Thailand and the Festival Taurami in Marken. 

In this issue we have the privilege to publish the reflections of Sidiki Kaba, President of the Assembly of the State Parties for the International Criminal Court, on international justice and accountability, Dr Mary Aiken talks about cyberspace, Martin Wyss exposes the European migration dilemma, the Ambassador of Russia communicates his pride at his country’s completion of their chemical disarmament program in association with the OPCW, while women Ambassadors in The Hague are discussing global security with the Dutch Ambassador to the UN.

A dear friend is leaving The Hague soon; more than 50 ambassadors came to say ‘au revoir’ to Abir Ali from Lebanon, Duke Michael of Mecklenburg, our Junior Editor and leader of our Junior Team, finished his Master of International Relations programme at Leiden University, Barend ter Haar is asking which countries are powerful? and Mirko Zambeti talk about new Swiss technologies. The role of the spouse is analysed by Linda Zin of Malaysia, and the new President of Eurojust, Ladislav Hamran takes office at the same time as Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his new cabinet which includes an appointment of special importance to all of us, the appointment of H.E. Halbe Zijlstra as the new Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs.

We take this occasion to specially congratulate His Excellency Fernando Arias, Ambassador of Spain who has been elected as the new OPCW Director-General. 

Thanks to the Diplomatic team for all of their unconditional support and hard work as always.

Dr Mayelinne De Lara, Publisher.




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