February 18, 2019

The other voice by Ramsey Nasr goes on tour after success

Ramsey Nasr’s acting is superb‘ – Het Nieuwsblad ★★★★

The basis of The other voice is La voix humaine, Jean Cocteau’s farewell monologue in which a woman calls her ex-lover for the last time.

The audience can only guess the answers of the absent ex, based on her reactions. Ramsey Nasr wondered what the man on the other side of the line had to say and wrote a text that fits perfectly into the original text by Cocteau: The other voice. Nasr performs this male reply under the direction of Ivo van Hove. The play will go on a tour of the Netherlands and Belgium on 19 January.

While Cocteau’s monologue mainly tells the story of one woman, The other voice dissects the entire relationship. It is the story of two people, addicted to each other, knowing they were never made for each other. While the man wants to move on and tries to be practical, the woman on the other side of the line appears to be going through something much more difficult. But it only seems that way. As the play progresses, it becomes clear that both partners have been damaged by this love story. The telephone conversation becomes a lifeline.

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