February 18, 2019

HK Chief Executive attended WEF 

Chief Executive, Ms. Carrie Lam and WEF Founder and CEO, Prof. Klaus Schwab.

22-27 January 2018, Davos, Swiss Federation: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam, accompanied by Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Edward Yau and Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury James Lau, attended the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (WEF) held at Davos, Switzerland on January 25 and 26, where they had a series of engagements with top officials of various countries and international organisations.

Mrs. Lam took the opportunity to brief audiences about Hong Kong’s advantages for business and encouraged them to make use of them. In her first day at Davos, Chief Executive Lam was hosted by the Women Political Leaders Global Forum (WPL), founded by the former German member of the European Parliament, Silvana Koch-Mehrin

Mrs. Carrie Lam and Swiss Federal Counsellor Johann Schneider-Ammann (Economic Affairs, Education, and Research).

On her event-packed schedule, Mrs. Lam had exchanges with senior members of international bodies, officials of Switzerland and other places, as well as business leaders from all over the world. She promoted Hong Kong unique benefits for business at several speaking engagements and encouraged audiences to take advantage of them.

Previous to her Davos participation, Mrs. Lam paid a bilateral visit to Switzerland, which took her to Bern, Basel, Lucerne, and Zürich. In Zürich, she visited the Impact Hub, a global community which supports innovative start-ups and the Zurich University of the Arts. During the visit, Mrs. Lam witnessed the signing of three MoUs between Hong Kong and the Helvetian authorities to strengthen collaboration in financial services. 

Hong Kong has a representative office located in Berlin, which also oversees Hong Kong’s bilateral ties with Switzerland.

For further information:

WEF visit: http://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201801/26/P2018012600159.htm?fontSize=1

Bilateral visit to Switzerland: http://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201801/24/P2018012400047.htm

HK Representative Office in Germany covering Switzerland (Director HO Betty): http://www.hketoberlin.gov.hk


Pictures by Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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