February 18, 2019

Ambassador Quintana’s meeting at Europol

The Ambassador of Colombia to the Netherlands, H.E. Mr Juan José Quintana, and the Director of EUROPOL, Rob Wainwright, met in The Hague early January. Ambassador Quintana arrived at Europol accompanied by the Liaison Officers of the National Police of Colombia, Major Jesús Eduardo Cruz Silva, Captain Adrián Emid Vega Hernández and Superintendent Margarita Tibaduiza Gómez.

During the meeting, they talked about the operational and strategic agreement between Colombia and EUROPOL that entered into force in February 2014. As a result, several liaison officers of the Colombian National Police have been able to be part of this organisation, and the cooperation with the Member States of the European Union has grown significantly. Colombia is a strategic allied of EUROPOL
in Latin America fighting against organised crime, especially with terrorism.

Furthermore, the exchange of experiences and good practices, Colombia is actively supporting EUROPOL in the investigations of crime areas such as cybercrime and drug trafficking. Moreover, the strategic information received from Colombia has contributed to improving the understanding of the drug trafficking phenomenon in the region.

The implementation of the SIENA platform for Ameripol and Clacip through the Colombian National Police has allowed the safe exchange of information between the Member States and Latin America.

Likewise, the consolidation of the Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce – JCAT was stressed as a permanent project for the coordination of operational and strategic activities against cybercrime through the Member States. Colombia is part of this tool supported by EUROPOL.

The Ambassador emphasised the importance of ensuring the continuity of the Colombian representation in EUROPOL.

The Director of EUROPOL expressed his sincere appreciation for the work that the Colombian Liaison Office has been doing and for the existing cooperation. Similarly, the Director assured EUROPOL will continue supporting with the commitment of strengthening the partnership between both entities.

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