March 23, 2019

Ladies Ambassadors’ Group celebrating the International Women’s Day

On the picture H.E. Mrs. Vestine Nahimana, Ambassador of Burundi, H.E. Ms. Sahar Ghanem, Ambassador of Yemen and Latvia Ambassador, HE Mrs Ilze Ruse and H.E. Mrs. Katri Viinikka, Ambassador of Finland.

The Ladies Ambassadors’ group celebrated together the International Women’s Day, with a memorable Vin d’honneur organised by the Ambassador of Guatemala, H.E. Marithza Ruiz, who is the coordinator of this group of women in the Netherlands after taking the lead from the Ambassador of Tanzania, H.E.  Ms. Irene Florence M. Kasyanju.

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H.E. Mrs Kaili Terras, Ambassador of Estonia.

The International Women’s Day, originally called International Working Women’s Day, is celebrated on Match 8th every year.

This tradition dates back to 1910, began during the 1910 International Socialist Women’s Conference, and Marc 8th soon became a national holiday in Russia and the communist bloc.

Years later, in 1975, it was adopted by the United Nations, thus losing its political connotation and becoming a universal day for women across the globe.

H.E. Mirsada Colakovic, Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina together with H.E. Marithza Ruiz, Ambassador of Guatemala and coordinator of the group.

Across different regions, the focus of the celebrations is different, although the common feature is the demonstration of respect, appreciation, and love towards women and their economic, political, and social achievements.

This day is also the main day in the movement for women’s rights, and it is often use to claim for an array of new causes too.

In The Hague, the Ambassadors discussed recent global issues and enjoyed lively conversations at Kookstudio France in Javastraat.

H.E. Mrs. Katri Viinikka, Ambassador of Finland, H.E. Dr. Heidemaria Gürer, Ambassador of Austria and H.E. Adia Sakiqi, Ambassador of Albania.

The Ambassador of Guatemala also described more in detail the nature of the meeting: “As in past years – she said – we will organise meetings with ministers, state secretaries, and other officials of the Dutch government, and international organisations based in The Hague. More importantly, as coordinator of the Lady Ambassadors, I will make a special effort to ensure it becomes a two-way exercise.

H.E. Mrs. Kaili Terras, Ambassador of Estonia, H.E. Ms. Sahar Ghanem, Ambassador of Yemen and Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina, H.E. Mirsada Colakovic.

We wish to better understand our host country, and we also have much to share about our individual countries and regions. It is more than networking; it is about exploring how we can help each other, and make more lasting contributions to advance our mutual agendas.”

Ms. Carmen Breeveld, President Women Entrepreneurs Netherlands together with H.E. Ms. Irene Florence M. Kasyanju, Ambassador of Tanzania.




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