June 21, 2019

Up for a Feminist foreign policy! (Auf zu einer feministischen Aussenpolitik!)

Minister Johan Frisell, Deputy Head of Mission, Swedish Embassy to Germany.

8 March 2018, International Women Day, Berlin, Germany: At the “Felleshus” of the Nordic embassies complex, the missions of Sweden and Canada in collaboration with German authorities organised a discussion evening with focus on women’s participation in foreign policy-making.

Female participation in peace processed are still understimated, and women are barely represented at high-level negotiations. Political scientists, politicians and diplomats from Sweden, Canada and Germany agree that foreign policy must become more feminist. Thus the weight of the discussion went for establishing strategic policies for the inclusion of more women into policy-making.

The panel of speakers included the deputy heads of the embassies of Sweden and Canada, respectively Johan Frisell and Jennifer May, the Director of the Department on Human Rights and Gender Issues, Karin Goebel, the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, Kristina Lunz as well as Dr. Moira Feil, Director for G7/G8/G20 from the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

On the picture, Minister Jennifer May, Deputy Head of Mission, Canadian Embassy to Germany.

Jennifer May highlighted the Canadian Government’s commitment to fostering women participation at international functions such as the G7 Summit held recently in Canada. Germany on its side is pushing for more female participation and visibility as she candidates for a non-permanent seat

For further information:

Swedish Embassy to Germany, H.E. Ambassador Per Thöresson: https://www.swedenabroad.se/de/botschaften/deutschland-berlin/

Canadian Embassy to Germany, H.E. Ambassador Stéphane Dion: http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/germany-allemagne/index.aspx?lang=deu

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Pictures by Mathis Römer

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