June 20, 2019

Igor Popov Ambassador of Macedonia says good bye

By Roy Lie Atjam.

The Crowne Plaza Promenade Hotel The Hague was full to its capacity on Thursday 12th April 2018 for a Ceremony of Merits featuring H.E. Mr. Igor Popov, Ambassador of Macedonia.

A very pleasant atmosphere reigned at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. His Excellency Ambassador Joseph Cole (Malta) and Her Excellency Ambassador AdiaSakiqi (Albania) eluded Ambassador Popov.

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His Excellency Joseph Cole, Ambassador of Malta.

Both thanked and praised the man Igor Popov, for his professionalism, intelligence and sense of humor. Further, Ambassador Cole likened the career of an Ambassador to that of a train. “You hub on it and move from station to station.”

Ambassador Cole remarked that Ambassador Popov and himself presented Credentials to the King of the Netherlands on the same day and from there their friendship started.

Her Excellency, Adia Sakiqi, Ambassador of Albania.

Ambassador Sakiqi, signaled : “I am grateful that Igor chose me to give this speech at the ceremony of Merit organized by Diplomat Magazine. I call it a speech and not a farewell speech, as I do not like farewells. The world is too small to take farewells seriously.

Igor Popov, arrived in The Hague a little before I did, yet I always thought he was senior in the Netherlands. Perhaps it was because of his extrovert personality, if I had been told that you were our Dean, I would have believed it.”

Subsequently, Ambassador Popov was presented a Certificate of Merit and his wife Maja Popova a bouquet of flowers in Macedonia’s national colors.

In his acceptance speech, Popov thanked those who contributed in making his four years stint in The Hague successful.

Head of Mission at the Ceremony of Merit of H.E. Igor Popov, Ambassador of Macedonia.

Popov mentioned His Majesty the King and the Queen of the Netherland, the Erste and Tweede Kamer, the Prime Minister cabinet, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “the wonderful colleagues”, the agencies specially the RVO, the municipalities of The Hague and Wassenaar,“ were we spend unforgettable four years, the diaspora for their enormous support and for being great and successful citizens of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. They are the true Ambassadors” the international organizations specially the OPCW, the staff at the embassy and his wife Maja, who gave up her career which enabled him to become Macedonia’s envoy to the USA and Europe.

Popov further relates, “I’m leaving today with a wealth of knowledge I will always treasure. Working in The Hague has been a fantastic learning experience. I’ve learned how to take directions, criticism, and compliments. These are three things I wasn’t so great at taking before.”

Ambassador Popov in his discourse made references to the position Diplomat Magazine takes within the diplomatic community. He relates: “I would like to thank Diplomat Magazine on this great honor and my dear friend Dr. Mayelinne De Lara for her tireless enthusiasm in creating a magazine that is also a home to us, that provides confirmation and great lasting memories, documenting in the best way our work and interaction in the City of Justice.”

Mrs. Maja Popova and H.E. Igor Popov.

“I would like to thanks also the General Manager of the hotel Cowne Plaza for on his enthusiasm, boldness and great skills in transforming this hotel into a diplomatic hub.”

Ambassadors from all around the word attended the ceremony among them the ambassadors of Croatia, Japan, Belgium, Ecuador, Tunisia, Italy, Belarus, Panama, Kosovo, Georgia, Estonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Panama, Kazakhstan, diplomats from USA, Serbia, also Popov’s mother, sister and his diplomatic staff.

Notable in Popov’s speech was the quotation of the poem “Don’t get gentle into that good night” by Dylan Thomas, a poem cherished by his deceased father Mr. Grozdan Popov.

Dr. Mayelinne De Lara and Ambassador Popov.

A reception including a monumental cake decorated with Macedonia’s national symbols, created by Marta Orban, from Patisserie Sweet and Spice, concluded the farewell ceremony.

Diplomat Magazine, the very first diplomatic magazine of its kind in the Netherlands, presented a Certificate of Merit to the H.E. Igor Popov, Ambassador of Macedonia for his outstanding contribution in strengthening bilateral ties with The Kingdom of the Netherlands and Macedonia.

Furthermore his significant contribution to the international organisations and support to the Dutch media. The Ceremony of Merit is sponsored by Diplomatic Card.

Maja Popova and Igor Popov cutting the cake with Macedonia symbols designed by Marta Orban.








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