January 19, 2019

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The Latin American Table at Nieuwe of Littéraire Sociëteit De Witte

On the picture, Front row: Mr. Gregorio Palacios Minister Counsellor Embassy of El Salvador, Mrs. Claudia de Leon Aguirre Embassy of Guatemala, Mrs. Ioana Papadak Consul Embassy of Cyprus, Mr. Alonso Mojica Embassy of Mexico, Dr. Olaf Brugman, Mrs. Vilma Machado, H.E.  Mr. Agustin Vasquez Gomez Ambassador of El Salvador, H.E. Judge Sanji Monageng  ICC, President of the Latin American Table Mrs. Sonia De Meijer, Mrs. Ljoedmila van Vyve, Ms. Aura Z-Ehrenberg, H.E Mrs. Soraya Alvarez Ambassador of Cuba, H.E. Mr. Fernando Buchelli Ambassador of Ecuador, Mr. Anton Lutter, Mrs. Barbara Couwenbergh.

Back Row: Mr. Lucas Otero Embassy of Peru, Mrs. Azucena Mancia Vice- Consul Embassy of El Salvador, Mr. Luis Otavio Ortigão Embassy of Brazil, Mr. Alfonso Mojica Embassy of Mexico, H.E. Mr.  Magzhan ILyassov Ambassador of Kazakhstan, Mr. Jaime Bakker (speaker), Mr. Alvaro Enrique Sanchez Cordero Chargé d’affaires Embassy of Venezuela, Mr. Thomas Friis Konst, H.E. Ms. MariaTeresa De Jesus Infante Caffi Ambassador of Chile, Mr. Jorge Colombo Vice- President of the Latin American Table, Mr. Albert Kuijper, Mrs Maria Jose Montana Embassy of Colombia, Mr. Jan Vroon, Mr. Mike Mcaward, Mrs.  Andrea de Benedett, Mr. Alejandro de Benedett, , Mrs. Edith Bergansius and Mr. Robert Sozzi.


The organising committee of the Latin American Table at Nieuwe of Littéraire Sociëteit De Witte consisting of Ms. Sonia de Meijer (chair) and Mr. Jorge E. Colombo Taricco (vice-chair), invited friends and interested persons to a lecture by Mr.  Jaime Bakker, Project manager of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

The attendees included some ambassadors, diplomats, trade representatives, business contacts, members of Sociëteit De Witte and special guests. All those who attended very much appreciated the enlightening lecture. The presentation was followed by a question and answer session.

The lecture focused on the idea that export to the EU seems simple in theory. The EU, after all, is one common market, whose transparent regulations aim to establish it as a market without borders. However, while unified in principle, the EU is comprised of many different cultures, languages, and levies varying taxes. Therefore, it is important to prepare when planning to enter this market.

Foremost, Mr. Bakker recommends getting to know a potential trade partner on a personal level. This helps facilitate a structural relationship that will be beneficial in the long-term. Further, it is important to study the market in order to ensure mutually-beneficial cooperation. These points were summarized via three questions Mr. Bakker deemed critical when engaging within trade in the EU. First, how can I expand my exports and imports? Second, what opportunities exist in foreign markets? Lastly, how can I reach foreign markets?.

Upcoming activities in Latin America by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce are:

  • Incoming Trade Missions
  • Road to Latin America
  • Road to Central America
  • Promoting business events
  • Enterprise Europe Network (offices inArgentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru)
  • Cooperation with Netherlands Enterprise Agency
  • CCI  International

The lecture was followed by an exquisite dinner party in the main restaurant. Special thanks to Ms. de Meijer and Mr. Taricco for organizing, and Mr. Bakker for the engaging lecture.



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