June 21, 2019

Revealing the Invisible at Gallery Dreschler

Picture by Ruinart.

26-30 April 2018, Berlin, Gallery Dreschler, Auguststrasse 61, Berlin, Germany: Remarkable Galerie Dreschler in cooperation with Ruinart et l’Art organised an artistic weekend featuring the Chinese Ruinart artist of the year Liu Bolin
presented in dialogue with Holger Bär and Deborah Sengl, both artists represented by Gallery Dreschler.

This extraordinary exhibition which displays œuvres by  Liu Bolin, Holger Bär and Deborah Sengl is dedicated to the themes of camouflage and encryption, with each one of these artists approaching the topic in a very unique and original manner. In the case of Lui Bolin the artist—alone or with other figures—vanishes visually into the background by being painted in such a way that he seamlessly merges with it and can frequently only be made out upon closer inspection.

Liu’s latest project are a series of images created during his stay in Rheims, France, in August 2017 and conceived specifically for Ruinart. The latter oldest champagne house worldwide has supports financially several artistic endeavours and annually one artist.

Liu Bolin – Picture by Henri Estramant.

For further information:

Artist Liu Bolin, art statement for Ruinart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViVYm2Iab9U

Ruinart et L’Art: https://www.ruinart.com/en-us/art/artistic-collaborations

Gallery Dreschler: http://www.deschler-berlin.de

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