January 19, 2019

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Statement of Ambassador Rawan Sulaiman on Nakba Day

Statement of Ambassador Rawan Sulaiman on Nakba Day, following the Gaza massacre.

15 May2018- Yesterday’s massacre in Gaza is a new low in the dehumanisation of my people. Following this crisis situation, the Palestinian leadership has announced new steps will be taken. The ‘settlement’ file will be referred to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Silence and passiveness in the face of such grave injustice, also from our partners, is unacceptable. Palestine can no longer wait on the mere good intentions and words of others.

I thank those who choose to stand with my people, and call on you to renew your efforts for justice for the people of Palestine. ​

We are deeply grateful for the many messages of support we have received, yesterday at our official Nakba commemoration and following the Gaza massacre. In this regards I would like to share with you the video-message of former Dutch Prime-Minister Mr. Dries van Agt (in Dutch) on our Facebook page. Courageous and heartwarming.

As Mr. Van Agt stated, we are not alone.  Join us in our urgent struggle for justice.
Ambassador Rawan Sulaiman

Head of the Palestinian Mission to the Netherlands


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