March 25, 2019

Austrian-Bavarian bilateral meeting in Munich

Sebastian Kurz, Markus Söder and Austrian Ambassador Peter Huber – Picture by Team Kurz.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018, Munich, Free State of Bavaria, Germany: In the framework of the European People’s Party summit hosted at Munich, the heads of government of the Republic of Austria, Sebastian Kurz and Bavaria, Dr. Markus Söder held a bilateral meeting.

Three are the main topics for a deeper cooperation for Austria and Bavaria in a European context:

a) A more efficient EU, less commissioners, and more funds for common EU projects including border protection.

b) More interactive cooperation in migration: Both heads of government are distraught by the ongoing border controls between Bavaria and Austria. Yet they highlight that only through safe and efficient borders vis-à-vis third states, can the freedom of movement be guaranteed for the future for EU citizens.

Refugees can be best provided for in locations outside the EU.

c) A better foreign and neighbourhood policy for the EU. This area is for both countries of utmost importance because Austria is due to take over the rotating EU presidency on 1 July for one semester.

Bavaria and Austria support approaching the Western Balkans to the EU, however, they demand the formal end of a Turkish candidature.

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Austrian Embassy to Germany (H.E. Ambassador Dr. Peter Huber):

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