May 26, 2019

The 2018 National Day of Georgia

H.E. Mr. Konstantine Surguladze,Ambassador of Georgia in the Netherlands.

By Roy Lie Atjam.

Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili, is one of the most acclaimed ensemble in the world. In the past (73) years the dance company has performed in over one hundred countries.

The group is inimitable, astounding, elegant and so much more. It’s precisely therefore that H.E. Mr. Konstantine Surguladze Georgia’s Ambassador in the Netherlands has brought Sukhishvili to The Hague to perform at Georgia’s Independence Day- and 100 Years of Georgia’s First Democratic Republic celebration.

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Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili,

During the performance, the crowded Diligentia theatre frequently burst into applause with shouts of “bravo” and standing ovation at the conclusion.

The show commenced with the most authentic traditional pair dance Qartuli. It is an expression of chivalry by the Georgian men towards the women.

The audience composed of various Ambassadors, Chili, Armenia, Slovakia and many more, along with the many invitees and the diaspora very much appreciated the entire show. The festive evening was hosted at Diligentia theatre The Hague on 4thJune 2018

An extract of Ambassador Konstantine Surguladze’s welcome remarks is hereby attached.

“Today I am proud to celebrate with you the National Day – Independence Day of my Country and 100 years anniversary of the establishment of the first Democratic Republic of Georgia. I thank you all for coming and sharing this festive occasion with me.

Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili,

Exactly 100 years ago, one of the most important stages for Georgian statehood has been started. In 1918, the foundation was laid for the modern Georgia’s European basis – the Democratic Republic. The Republic, principles of which were – devotion to democratic values and certainly – country’s European development and European future.

I am happy to represent a country that still is committed to these values and nowadays I can say out loud, that Georgia is a leader in the region in terms of democratic consolidation, human rights protection, rule of law, transparency and economic reforms. I can freely state that today Georgia strenuously steps towards the European family, to where we truly belong.

My friends, the brief period of existence of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia – from 1918 to 1921 was ceased due to malevolent efforts from external forces, but it left the greatest trace in the modern history of Georgia and had epochal significance for our statehood.

Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili,

We want to celebrate this momentous occasion to immortalize historical event of proclamation of country’s independence by the National Council of Georgia (which was later called Parliament (of Georgia)).

Then, the Head of the National Council – Noe Jordania asserted: “…Our present life and the future pathway are firmly inter­woven with the West, and no force is able to break this union.”

Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili,

Highly remarkable is that the constitution itself, which was adopted during the independence period (1921) can be considered one of the most sophisticated, advanced and perfect supreme legislative acts oriented towards human rights in the world, for its time.

The Constitution that is now in force in Georgia, states in the preamble that it is based on the historical legacy of the 1921 Constitution, hence recognizing the political and legal hereditary link between today’s Georgia and then -independent Republic of Georgia.

Despite the fact that Georgia had been languished for more than a century under the Russian empire, the authors of the constitution, then, managed to create a legal document that stood out among the post-World War I constitutions in its vision and uniqueness. A parliamentary governance system, the abolition of death penalty, freedom of speech, universal suffrage, these and many other provisions as well, were some of the features of the constitution that distinguished it among the constitutions of that time for its progressiveness, even among the modern European ones too.

Georgia National Day.


Now in our day, being a country that has signed the Association Agreement with the EU, I am happy to observe that relations between the European Union and Georgia were brought to a new level, and currently, to my satisfaction, the EU is Georgia’s largest trading partner.

Today Georgia is the most enthusiastic Europe-oriented country of our region. We are eager to further strengthen our presence in and with Europe, that’s why the European and Euro-Atlantic integration is one of the pillars of our daily agenda. I hardly need to reiterate that Georgia has established itself as a modern state with its historical and cultural roots belonging to Europe.

We believe that through the support of our partners, and the Netherlands among them, the path of the European and Euro-Atlantic integration will finally bring a sustainable security and prosperity to our country and citizens.

Today, as an Ambassador accredited in this beautiful country, almost for 4 years already, I am delighted to note that the cooperation between my sending and the receiving states is developing successfully – both in bilateral and multilateral formats. Last year we commemorated the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic relations. With this date in mind, we look back to those years of dynamically increasing cooperation based on shared values, common interests, and mutual commitment to the security and prosperity in today’s world.

The Netherlands clearly demonstrated its support during the working process of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and Visa Liberalization, and I can freely say that the Netherlands firmly supports Georgia’s European path.

During these recent years, trade turnover between Georgia and the Netherlands has indicated very promising developments. And it’s notable to mention that the Netherlands is on the 4th place in Georgia’s top investor countries. I am confident that the exclusive benefits offered by the Georgia-EU DCFTA will further positively influence our bilateral economic cooperation.

Bearing in mind the utmost significance of this important date this year, we wanted to have an extraordinary celebration and so, (with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Georgia), managed to bring top performers on the stage in The Hague – Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili.

Sukhishvili dancers are the most famous Georgian ensemble not only in my country but throughout the decades, they have been popular in many places around the globe. Even several companies wish to have them perform in Amsterdam in bigger halls next year, so I am twice as happy to have them here now and looking forward to very fantastic concert today.

The host of the ensemble is hotel Best Western Den Haag and I thank their representatives who I think are here in the hall.

I would also like to thank Georgian successful students –Ana Tavadze and Tekla Tevdorashvili – who will make a video footage of the concert and the evening.

And last but not least, I wish to grab the opportunity and thank our Honorary Consul Mr. Gijs de Jager. Mr. Jager, as always, was kind and enthusiastic as well, to co-sponsor these outstanding dancers’ visit to the Netherlands. I would like to hand over the certificate of Appreciation for friendship and generous support of Georgia.” End quote





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