February 23, 2019

De Beers Haute Couture collection 2018

De-Beers Haute Couture Jewellery – Picture by De Beers.

Thursday, 5 July 2018, Paris Haute Couture Week: De Beers centred its showroom with a rough 109-carat diamond of windowpane transparency which, once cut, could likely yield a 50-to-60-carat pear (or emerald-cut diamond). This display of “raw beauty with no filter,” as De Beers CEO François Delage stated it in a press release, showcased the house’s diamond expertise; nearby sat five loose diamonds perhaps worth a cumulate $30 million-plus, just making a brief appearance on their way to becoming bespoke creations. 

Stealth diamonds, the ones with once-in-a-blue moon colours, is what clients are after now, CEO Delage noted. “They can be enjoyed, hold or increase value, and travel easily—and to a casual observer, they don’t scream money. No other investment comes close.”

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