February 23, 2019

Rwanda celebrated Kwibohora24

H.E. Jean Pierre Karabaranga and his spouse Mrs. Vibviane Uwicyeza Mironko.

Kwibohora24: 24th anniversary of liberation of Rwanda celebrated in the Netherlands

The 24th anniversary of liberation was held under the theme “Together we prosper”. On Wednesday 4 July the Embassy of the Republic Rwanda in the Netherlands hosted the Kwibohora24 celebration with a reception and lunch at the Hilton Hotel in The Hague, in order to pay tribute to Rwandan men and women who in different ways contributed to Rwanda’s liberation. The fallen heroes paid the ultimate price during the liberation struggle.

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Ambassador Karabaranga, Ntokozo Koloane, Vibviane Uwicyeza Mironko and the Ambassador of South Africa, H.E. Bruce Koloane.

The Embassy of Rwanda in The Hague initiated this reception to celebrate 24 years freedom, peace, security and unity that have been the backbone of Rwanda’s political and social economic transformation.

Rwanda has made tremendous strides in all aspects and Rwanda has been repeatedly ranked the safest, peaceful, cleanest and one of the most economically progressive country not just in Africa but also in the world.

H.E. Ambassador Jean Pierre Karabaranga, his spouse Mrs. Vibviane Uwicyeza Mironko and the Embassy team welcomed more than 200 guests including the diplomatic community, representatives of international organizations, Rwandan nationals living in the Netherlands, Friends of Rwanda and others.

The program started with the national anthem of Rwanda, followed by the national anthem of the Netherlands followed by a word of welcome  by Mr. Emmanuel Safari, Chairman of the Diaspora Committee in the Netherlands.  H.E. Ambassador Jean Pierre Karabaranga gave a remarkable keynote speech to the crowded venue in The Hague.

After the speech, the audience enjoyed traditional Rwandan dance called Intore and the celebration was concluded with a lunch, where also Rwandan coffee with a Rwandan Coffee Brownie was served. All guests received a goody bag with Umushanana Coffee from Rwanda, sponsored by Starbucks Netherlands.

In his speech H.E. Ambassador Jean Pierre Karabaranga said that The 4th of July is for Rwandans a time for reflection. “A time to look back, to see where we are coming from, assess what we have achieved as a nation and re-assess our targets to ensure that they remain relevant to the nation’s needs within the regional framework and international responsibilities. Kwibohora is an opportunity to share Rwanda’s liberation story, the journey of unity and reconciliation since 1994 and the country’s on-going renewal and vision for a brighter future.”

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