February 23, 2019

Bangladesh House entertains Ambassadors’ Spouse Association (ASA)

On the picture, Dr. Dilruba Nasrin, from Bangladesh.

By Roy Lie Atjam.

Wassenaar, 27th June 2018 Dr. Dilruba Nasrin spouse of Bangladesh Ambassador in the Netherlands, hosted a festive gathering for her fellow members of the Ambassadors’ Spouse Association (ASA) at Bangladesh House.

For additional exceptional Hester Dijkstra’s pictures, please open the link below: https://www.flickr.com/photos/109407424@N02/albums/72157698444641834

Mrs. Uma Rathore, from Pakistan, Mrs Najat Bellouki. from Morocco, Mrs. Linda Zin from Malaysia.

The main focus of the gathering was a saree and fashion pageant as well as a presentation of various elements of the rich Bangladeshi culture, including the authentic Bengali cuisine.

Dr Dilruba Nasrin is a prominent exponent when it comes to the wearing of saree. The (very) young models and actors put on a stunning performance.

Young models and actors from Bangladesh together with Dr. Nasrin.

Furthermore, ASA avail itself of the opportunity to take leave of the members Mrs. Patricia van Oordt (Spain) and Mrs. Reem Mufleh (Jordan).

At the same time it warmly welcomed a new member, Mr. Thongvut Pintaruchi, spouse of the Ambassador of Thailand. Moreover, Dr Dilruba Nasrin held a touching expose on the Rohingya issue.

Mrs. Ntokozo Koloane, from South Africa welcome Mr. Thongvut Pintaruchi, spouse of the Ambassador of Thailand.

It has been a pleasurable Bangladeshi afternoon.

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