February 23, 2019

Philippines workshop on Tourism and Travel

H.E. Jaime Victor Ledda, Ambassador of the Philippines in the Netherlands and Mr. Cengiz Inceosman, General Manager of Turkish Airlines.

By Roy Lie Atjam.

The Hague, 19 June 2018. The Philippine Embassy in the Netherlands in cooperation with Turkish Airlines Inc. Amsterdam and the Philippine Department of Tourism-Frankfurt, hosted a Travel and Tourism Workshop at Hotel Des Indes.

The workshop was a prelude to the 120thAnniversary of the Declaration of Philippine Independence reception which took place later that day at the same venue.

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Philippines workshop on tourism and travel business at Des Indes.

H.E. Jaime Victor B. Ledda welcome one and all, this included Turkish Airlines, Travel agents,Tour operators the blogger Elke Salvedra and the Philippine Department of Tourism-Frankfurt.

H.E. Jaime Victor B. Ledda subsequently cordially introduced the Philippines as a primary tourist destination to for Dutch holidaymakers. He stressed the unspoiled beauty of the islands. He further lauded the cooperation with Turkish Airlines, a major airline carrier.

Philippines tourism promotion with Turkish Airlines.

Mr. Cengiz Inceosman, General Manager of Turkish Airlines in the Netherlands addressed the audience. After welcoming the travel agencies, he also thanked all attendees and emphasized the importance of such workshops.

“Afterwards we gave a presentation were we informed the travel agencies with the latest updates about Turkish Airlines in general and more specific the capacity increase out of Amsterdam. Also we gave a short presentation about Istanbul New Airport.”

Mr. Yunus Ulas, Marketing representative.

He argued, Turkish Airlines has the highest number of destinations in the world. In 2017 Istanbul Airport, home base of the airline handled approx. 68 million passengers.

Inceosman continued, “a new airport is to be inaugurated later in 2018. Turkish Airlines takes a passenger from Amsterdam to Manilla with a layover time of only two hours in Istanbul. Turkish Airlines envisage holding a similar workshop in the Black Sea region.”

A raffle of two Business class tickets to Manila the capital of the Philippines was part of the presentation. All attendees were very excited.

Mr. Yunus Ulas, Marketing representative gave some further details. Other speakers at the workshop were Elke Salvedra and Anabelle Gaye Apostol.

Ms Apostol described the Philippines as:

  • Having a western spirit
  • A Latin heart and
  • An Asian Soul

The Philippines she said is a must-see for every holiday lover.

Anabelle Gaye Apostol, all about the Philippines.

As for, she delivered a capturing expose. She visited the islands several times and could be considered an expert. Elke gave practical information such as having cash money with you, safety is not an issue and people are extremely and genuinely hospitable.

Elke Salvedra, an Amsterdam blogger.

Elke recounted an experience she has had with a simple family in a remote village. It was sheer hospitality. Ambassador Jaime Ledda invited the participants of the workshop to join him at the Anniversary reception.

The workshop was, by all means, successful, the Q&A session is proof thereof. A pleasurable Filipino style afternoon!.

The winner of two business class trips to Manila by Turkish Airlines together with Ambassador Ledda and Mr. Inceosman.

A raffle of two Business class tickets to Manila the capital of the Philippines by Turkish Airlines was part of the presentation. Ambassador Ledda and Mr. Inceosman, with one of the winners.

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